“I have the potential to be bigger than Tip or if not, just as big,” Spodee says.

Spodee recently spoke with DJ Smallz to address why he left T.I.’s Grand Hustle Records imprint after six years of being with the label.

During the conversation, the Atlanta, Georgia rapper revealed that he “outgrew the situation,” and although he insists that there is no animosity with T.I., he feels that if he were given the proper management, he could be as big as his former label boss.

“Me and Tip, we still cool,” Spodee says. “I talk to him a few times. I saw him a few times but it was just time to go, man. I outgrew the situation, man… A man told me something one time he said, ‘You guys are brushes in my masterpiece.’ And I thought to myself, ‘Me? Big old me? All the knowledge and energy that I have [and] I’m a stroke in your masterpiece?’ Well that’s cool, I have no problem being a pawn when it’s necessary or when I should be a pawn. To be a chief, you have to be a good Indian. But I saw no way to be a chief over there. And I'm definitely too grown, too big and too talented to be an Indian right now, or to be pawn right now. With that in my mind, I just decided to create my own masterpiece.

“Everybody know I was a loyal guy with Grand Hustle and Tip,” Spodee continues. “And, you know, it’s no bad blood. I’m not mad at Tip or anything like that but I have the potential to be bigger than Tip or if not, just as big. So it was time, man. I outgrew that. [I was with Grand Hustle] for too long. Six years.”

In response, T.I took to Instagram to share a photo of DG Yola and Yung L.A.,  two former Grand Hustle artists to whom he references in the photo’s caption.

“As we all go about our business&pleasure on this fine day today,allow me to remind u of two former young hopeful Grand Hustlers who thought goin against da GLORY&GOOD GRACES of da fam might be more beneficial to their campaign....,” T.I. wrote. “Now while u may not know,care or remember anything of their antics,I MUST remind you.... It's room for 1more pic up there. @superspodee#FuckUMean #KeepMYnameOutyoMouf#OuttaRespectOfYaCuzzo I'll just leave it at that. #HustleGangOverErrrthang#BankRollMafia#NOLOVEFORDAOTHERSIDE”

In response to the aforementioned post, Spodee uploaded a video to the social networking site questioning T.I.’s comments.

“Hey, man, nigga can’t be mad ‘cause I told the muthafucking truth, man,” Spodee says during the short clip. "Nigga can’t be mad ‘cause I said I got the potential to be better than him, man. What kind of nigga don’t wanna see a nigga up? What kind of nigga don’t wanna see a nigga do good? And if you had any sense, when your artist do good, that mean you do good.”

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