The epic 2013 Kanye West-Sway Calloway interview birthed the now classic internet memes “You ain’t got the answers Sway” and “It ain’t Ralph though.” The person Ye was referencing in the latter comment, designer Ralph Lauren, has finally spoken about the infamous shout out.

In an interview with’s editor-in-chief Dirk Standen, Lauren expressed his appreciation for Kanye turning his name into a positive adjective.

The article reads:

DS: I don’t know if you heard this, but there was a famous radio interview that Kanye West did. He was talking about this clothing line that the host of the show owned, and he said, “It ain’t Ralph, though.” The idea being, it’s not Ralph Lauren level, that Ralph is now a byword for a certain …

RL: Oh. [ laughs] So an adjective. It’s very Ralph.

DS: It ain’t Ralph level.

RL: That’s very cool. Well, that’s great. If I were to cater to Kanye, he would know that I’m catering to him. The fact that I make what I make—he gets it. He gets the quality and he respects it. And I think that’s the key, why I work all the time is to do that. That’s the fun.

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