Battle rapper Daylyt has built his brand partially off his willingness to do or say almost anything in public. The California representative has pulled out his privates during a battle, attempted to defecate on stage, and stated he wanted to have sex with Diddy.

All these comments and antics have led to some backlash from followers of the culture including complaints Day “sold out” for fame. He decided to address those critiques in a new video blog.

“‘Daylyt you sold your soul to the white man. I wonder how much the white man paid him to say that?”” says Daylyt quoting some of his critics. “The white man pays you $8.50 to clean toilet bowls and bust your ass… You sold your sold the minute you filled out that punk ass application at that minimum wage job.”

The controversial rhymer goes on to say he does not even have a soul to sell, because he hails from Watts. Day then continues by saying anyone that gets government assistance, such as public housing or EBT cards, have sold their soul to the Illuminati.

“Y’all don’t get the levels of this s**t. At this moment in life, I feel like I’m free, because nobody owns me,” declares Day. “Somebody does own me – my last name is Campbell. But at this moment I can say and do whatever the f**k I want. Nobody pays me for the s**t I do. When I say something dumb online, it gets uploaded and I get paid for the f**king views from it. Nobody pays me to say nothing.”

According to Day, his actions are part of his plan to establish lasting success for his family. The Dot Mobb member tells the camera he is willing to do anything and sacrifice himself in order to achieve that goal.

“If anybody is watching this – this goes to a higher power organization. Specifically Jewish, white – anybody that has billions and billions of dollars,” announces Daylyt. “I’m letting y’all know right now my soul is clearly up for sale.”

Watch Daylyt’s vlog below.


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