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Nov 26, 2022
Skoodos Mart – Online Portal for B2B School Vendors

SkoodosMart B2B online portal will serve the needs and requirements of the school on a priority basis, such that schools save time and receive the service deliverable within the time zones.

Each website category will be served by various reputed traders, businessmen, manufacturers, wholesalers, suppliers, distributors, retailers, and service owners that would include the demands of managing facilities, transport, laboratory setup, infrastructure, virtual classrooms, and human resources requirements.

With the introduction of Online classes, schools require a new kind of classroom package that includes new furniture, whiteboards, projectors, new electronic gadgets, hardware, and software.

SkoodosMart online services are easy to browse and select your type of requirements such as financial products, investment products, school maintenance options and more have been added to bring a whole new ecosystem that assists schools through state of art, convenient browsing facilities and vendor selection possibilities in real-time.

The new education systems require an accurate, exact, ample selection of products and services such as Cyber Security Systems, ERP solutions, Accounting software, School security systems, New age banking solutions, Investment banking solutions, Programmers, AI & ML specialists, Teacher Trainers, Edtech Platforms, SAAS solutions, App Developers, Java, UI, UX specialists.

It also means that schools are not willing to waste time and human resources on acquiring important add-ons and new inclusion as per the on-demand checklist.

Our mission is to create limitless possibilities for schools to meet their requirements on full scale through the SkoodosMart B2B platform.

Schools visit and browse for their requirements for free.

Schools can contact the vendors, sellers, or suppliers they like and interact with them to strike the best deal possible.

360-degree product and service showcase with high-energy picture and video experience.
Schools get the latest product information through various brands and categories.

SkoodosMart makes qualitative and quantitative purchases, and procurement possible through verified sellers of branded and unbranded products and services.

SkoodosMart makes vendor empanelment and networking look easy, accessible, flexible, and affordable for schools all across the country.

We serve you the extra mile by providing offline and online lead services as per your demand and requirements.

Online Vendor Directory services, Long-term networking possibilities with supply chain and direct manufacturing companies.

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