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PHP Full Stack Web Apps Development Classes in Pune At SevenMentor

Today, every company has a website of their own. For people to conduct business internationally, having a website has become a must. Websites are the quickest and most efficient means of reaching the general public.


Rasmus Lerdorf developed PHP, a server-side programming language, in 1995. It is now used by more than 200 million websites and 2 million web servers worldwide. It is now one of the most extensively used languages for web development because it is open source by nature and an effective programming language. Consequently, there is a great need for PHP programmers. Both professionals who wish to refresh their expertise and students who plan to pursue careers in programming should enroll in this course. There are numerous PHP training facilities in Pune, however we provide excellent instruction. We make sure that the theory and practice sessions go smoothly and alternately. In this way, each idea is clarified and made understandable in our PHP training courses.

What You'll Learn: In this extensive course, we cover a wide range of technologies and techniques, such as:

This course's topics include:
HTML 5: An overview of HTML and information on HTML entities, HTML events, comments and whitespace, block and inline elements, image and text, HTML5 Overview, HTML5 Elements, HTML5 Tags & Attributes, HTML5 References, and HTML5 Forms

CSS 3: Cascading Style Sheets are a type of style sheet. A thorough introduction to CSS is provided, and students will learn about the syntax, rules, fonts, and other CSS fundamentals and references. Additionally, CSS3 will be taught to you along with its introduction, attributes, and browser support.

Responsive Web Designing:
What does responsive web design entail? Why is it crucial? Benefits, necessity, constraints, and media queries

Bootstrap 5:
Overview, Breakpoints, Containers, Grid system, Typography, Images, Tables, Figures, Forms, Form Validation, Helpers, Utilities, and Components such as Accordion, Alert, Badge, Button / Button Group, Card, Carousel, Close Button, Collapse, Dropdown, Modal, Tabs, Navbar, Off Canvas, Popover, Scrollspy, and Toast are all included in Bootstrap 5.

JavaScript: You will be guided step-by-step through the entire modern JavaScript learning process. I'll walk you through several applications. You will gain a variety of practical skills that will help you in your developer profession, including how to think like a developer, how to plan application features, how to architect your code, how to debug code, and many other practical skills. Learn the foundational concepts of JavaScript, including variables, if/else, operators, boolean logic, functions, arrays, objects, loops, strings, and more.

Manipulation of the DOM: Using the DOM. How to use JavaScript to dynamically alter web pages

React. Js: a node js and react introduction, node js and react installation, constructing components and utilizing jsx, props, state, and events, as well as styling react components.

Core PHP: What is PHP at its core? How versatile is PHP? , Setting up PHP, variables, loops, functions (both predefined and user created), and arrays Working with sessions and cookies for state management, as well as working with Array, String, Date, and Super Global variables in PHP. use PHP to carry out database operations.

Mysql: Database introduction, using mysql, comprehending the idea of databases and tables. dealing with queries and understanding the data types and properties. recognising the database's definition of relationships. utilizing primary and foreign keys. Sub Questions, aggregate functions, and much more…

Jquery Ajax: Working with APIs, understanding Ajax with practical implementation, and carrying out basic activities using PHP.

OOP And MVC: Introduction to OOP in PHP, comprehension of the fundamental ideas, and actual implementation MVC design pattern is used.

Laravel 8: Understanding the framework and the structure of the application, routing, blade templates, components, and sessions in Laravel 8. utilizing the Eloquent ORM and Migrations concepts to interact with the database.

CURL: Understanding and effectively using curl to interact with APIs and access online services

Web Services: An introduction to them, and how to build a straightforward Restful web service.

MongoDB: Understanding MongoDB, a no-SQL database, and carrying out CRUD activities.

Addition Web Services: Web service additions include the payment gateway and Google Auth third-party login add-ons.

Who This Course Is For:
This course is intended for those who want to advance their careers. As a result, everything will be taught from scratch. Any programming language skill is not required.

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