All S.h.a.d.e.s Fraze

I’m currently With an Indie Label. I’ve been doing music 14 years,

AllshadesFraze Ceo of AllShadesent which is in process

Of getting LLC,

I’ve done shows all over New York

-Most Recent And Notable Performances

Aug 2012 –Webster Hall with Coast2Coast Ny Champ Ming Bison

And perform and won first place

-SOB's coast2Coast 1st place winner

-Club Pyramid

-And about to open up for tone trump in NY

-Opened up for RonBrowz & Cuban link @Halo In Long Island NY

-Performed in miami, same show 

as cyhi da prynce , and more

-Hot 97 monse showcase placed 3rd

-EP Enoch313 will be drop Sep 20 2013

-New MixTape SoundCloud in Sep 2013

Mix tape Starlight Rezervations On Out Now

Coming next month #SoundCloudDiaries the mix tape Songs and free styles before the new album #Enoch313

Some videos My Name use to be just Fraze But Found God And Added All.S.h.a.d.e.s, Which stand for All Survivors Has A Direct Energy Source (GOD)

All so The “S” can stand for Stars, Strength, Salvation… It has many deep meanings to it and me.

My little Brother Died my little sister went crazy Many times different occasions I’ve could have been gone

He got me out so I enjoy life stay positive and make great music to tear down shows with.

Videos from the Camp, and me see us in action Enjoy

#Servinem #AllShades

@AllshadesFraze @Servinement24 @Panama24

@MingDaMercilesz @FrescoBlaq


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AllShadesFraze - TUNED IN (Enoch313)

Ming Bison ft fraze Va style

Ming Bison @MixBully Freestyle

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