There was a time when parents went to schools to physically explore the classroom world and had to ask relevant questions to school admission counselors, through peers, to get advice and choose the best school for their child. 

Almost 80 percent of the parents have access to internet mobile phones. Parents use mobile to explore the internet and think design would want to activate education success by finding the best schools for their child. Take care of everything a child requires for the overall development of personality and skills.


Online connectivity benefits parents through the availability of education platforms that would easily suggest various topics related to school education that creates awareness amongst parents to observe the trends before deciding on the right place for schooling.Find most prestigious private schools.   

Under these circumstances, students and parents feel the urge to find and get connected with schools that have included an online education system in their schools. 

  • Skoodos brings parents, students, teachers, and schools to one platform that is an alternative school search engine for millions of students and connects with more than 10 Lakh schools across the country.
  • Skoodos transforms school search through highly informational microsites that present the capabilities of over 12000 listed schools, unlike any other place.
  • Skoodos is a venture of Spherion Solutions Pvt. Ltd. founded by Dr. Siya Seth. Dr. Seth is well known for her outstanding contributions in education skill training having over two decades of experience working on live education projects with more than 20,000 schools across the country.
  • Skoodos platform solves the issues related to finding the right schools for children is a significant decision taken by parents 
  • Skoodos is a simple yet effective school search engine for parents and students
  • Skoodos directly connects with schools and puts valuable inputs related to school's infrastructure, provides teacher ratio insights, and school explainer content through blogs, rating systems, toppers list, introduce school teachers

Skoodos is India’s #1 School Search engine that bridges the gap between schools and students. 

Skoodos enables top rated schools search that fits students' educational requirements, relieves and de-stress parents for finding the right school while empowering schools' outreach to the digital ecosystem.

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Skoodosbridge bridges fill the information gap between aspiring professionals and career institutes by consolidating coaching expertise and candidate availability into a single Platform.

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