Southwest pet policy

Southwest pet in cabin

Southwest pet in cabin requires a pet carrier if your pet meets the Southwest pet fees policy for travel within the cabin. A pet carrier of the maximum size that can be carried on Southwest planes must be at least 8.5 inches high, 18.5" long, and 13.5" in length. If your pet is traveling in a soft-sided carrier, the height must be measured at its point of compression. The carrier must have enough space for your dog to stand up and move about. It should be waterproof at the bottom and allow for adequate ventilation.

A maximum of 6 pets per flight is permitted. Southwest pet policy allows one pet carrier per adult passenger. If they are of the same breed, two small dogs or cats can be transported together in one vehicle.

Pets are permitted:

Housepets include small pets such as cats and birds.


Puppies and kittens shouldn't be older than 8 weeks. age.

Route restrictions:

International travel is not permitted for pets, even if they are going to Puerto Rico or the Dominican Republic.

Southwest Airlines will fly pets to Hawaiian islands but not to Hawaii.


Southwest Airlines must be notified that your pet is traveling with you. You cannot make reservations for pets online. Transporting pets within the cabin is $95.00 per person. AirTran's pet policies will apply to all flights. The airport ticket counter will not allow pets to check-in. However, customers can obtain their boarding passes online, curbside, at the kiosk, or at the ticket desk.

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