Skoodos is India’s number #1 school search engine platform available on the web and App platforms. Get school options as per your location, just type your area and get many school options. 

Skoodos is the School Search Engine for bridging the gap between students and schools. Spherion solutions Pvt ltd has introduced this unique concept addressing the issues faced by students and parents while looking for an appropriate solution for finding schools that best suit their educational needs.

Choosing an ideal school from the presence of many options is not easy. There is a definite information gap while parents and students look for an appropriate school that teaches to the perfection of curriculum excellence and also adds value through extracurricular activities and lays the foundation for a solid stemmed study and learning platform in the context of the future of education.

Skoodos solves various purposes for Students, Parents, and Schools 

  • Skoodos Microsite and its details provide all necessary information to the parents and students.
  • Highly expressive creatives, detailed teachers' information, and classroom video brings new energy, confidence, and high self-esteem to study in the better education place.
  • Trending School and exclusive location-wise schools finding opportunities makes the Skoodos search engine special.
  • Students and Parents are able to get out of the anxiety about finding the right school for immediate admission and for the future of education.
  • The easy user interface and one-click results make it really simple for parents to look into schools facilities, infrastructure, and teacher-student ratio aspects and judge the quality of education.
  • Skoodos is a fast response platform and school search engine that connects with thousands of schools across the country and providers greater details than any other place on the internet.
  • Schools interact with informed Parents who have specific queries when their interest level in the school is high, enabling reputation building at a brisk pace. 
  • Skoodos resolves the tough fight when it comes to choosing the best school for children.
  • Skoodos provides real-time parameters through a verified school search platform, comparing and selecting the school for your school.
  • Skoodos is an all in all school search aggregator .
  • It allows the parents to select preferred schools based on ratings comparisons and reviews.
  • Making the best institutions connect with the right candidates and vice versa .
  • Skoodos emphasises the range of needs that most parents overlook while choosing the best school for their children.
  • An online platform that boosts parents' choice of the best school for their child while ensuring that all registered schools have the opportunity to introduce themselves equally.
  • One platform provides parents with multiple options to assist their kids while sitting at home with family members and deciding which institute qualifies for their children’s future education.
  • Skoodos offers 360-degree marketing solutions for schools to succeed in crowded markets. 

How does it assist you if you are-


  • Find for your child the best possible school that takes into account your child’s passion, factors like transport, locality, finances, and other important factors you keep in mind during your school search.
  • Skoodos authenticated schools that are top in their locality, with added benefits that help you compare among the best schools.
  • Easy admission process that provides all the details of the schools, including admission forms, relevant phone numbers, addresses, etc,


You can avail of three packages that will enable you to avail of the services, giving you a chance to be in the eyes of the schools and also highlight their best features so that the comparison can be fair.

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Skoodosbridge bridges fill the information gap between aspiring professionals and career institutes by consolidating coaching expertise and candidate availability into a single Platform.

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