Skoodosbridge aims at organizing the examination information and coaching institutes in one place for supporting the students through easy, real time exam updates while  linking the best career and coaching centers required to prepare for the upcoming examinations.

The coaching institutes can display their strength through the SkoodosBridge microsites that also facilitate presenting a demo lecture through the video sections. Institutes spend a whopping amount of money and time on the marketing and branding of the uniquely planned courses that are meant for various examinations on competitive digital platforms.

There are manifold options and choices available all across the towns and cities for referring and getting admission to a coaching center or a career institute that helps the aspirants and on preparations for the competitive examinations that present different challenges every year and there is no fixed pattern to understand the applicants success metrics.

It has now become important to prepare, experience, and learn to compete with others just like the main exams or the test. Here we feel the gap and get in touch with career institutes that offer weekly, short-term, monthly, and long-term exam preparation simulations, lectures, and career guidance through the involvement of technology and software integrations.

Technology enhances the speed of answering questions through fixed and quick time frames, providing hundreds of MCQ options on every subject that improves the answer, accuracy, and understandability level of the subjects. There are language-based examinations where one needs to answer the questions subjectively along with the famous Civil Services Examinations of India.

Students need teachers at every stage of the coaching program. During these days live lectures are being recorded and saved for future reference by the children. There is a new ecosystem that involves live classes and lecture sessions from famous and experienced educators, lecturers, teachers, and gurus from various educational backgrounds.

There are traditional coaching classes visited by subject experts, to add to the concentration levels of the applicants preparing for examinations, suit candidates who are looking for direct interactive classrooms that have modern online learning facilities, and whiteboard classrooms attended by other aspirants to get a feel, learn through lectures, make notes and excitement about forthcoming examinations.

Skoodosbridge provides immense opportunities to students for selecting the best possible career institute that is meant for various examinations, enabling the search from a wide variety of coaching institutes within a geographical area, town, or city.

Every coaching center has different specialties and core subjects to teach and some institutes also offer all subjects for preparing for  international examination.

The advanced filters of the Skoodosbridge App and web platform enables the student to search as per locality, subjects taught, competition categories, courses available, facility information, classroom ecosystem, quality of teachers available, fees structure, class and topic-wise success ratio, exam success rates, list of toppers and more.

Coaching institutes on the other hand get direct interaction, prospective candidates data, who are interested in a course might need some more motivation from the coaching institute that will offer more discounts, enable free online classes, get a chance of a career discussion with top and highly qualified teachers, lecturers, and counselors who have themselves been into the dignified academic profession from various technical, non-technical, specialists and vocational backgrounds. 

Skoodosbridge fills the gap between aspirants and the career institutes by bringing together experience in teaching and the availability of candidates in one exclusive format.

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Skoodosbridge bridges fill the information gap between aspiring professionals and career institutes by consolidating coaching expertise and candidate availability into a single Platform.

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