Rill Lehigh Drops New Video "Shining in The Drought"


Rill Lehigh is a rising 26 year old aspiring Hip-hop artist from Miami, Florida. Although he only recently began releasing his original music to the public, he already counts his number of listeners in the thousands.


From the heavy rotation his single “Flight Risk” has racked up, to the streams his current single is enjoying on YouTube, Rill Lehigh is obviously not just a clever stoner name.

Although freestyling with his friends was never anything serious, this was a crucial part of his life because he discovered his love for music and began to form the hobby at this time. Once Covid spread across the country, Rill found the time on his hands to pick up a microphone and begin recording music he had written. He records under the rap and hip-hop genre, however he stated in an interview that some people hear a hint of death metal in his music.

Rill Lehigh recorded songs with the Brooklyn drill rapper Max Tha Demon. Some of their tracks even caught the attention of rapper Fat Joe, who decided to do a feature on it. Rill’s most successful track is titled “Shining in the Drought” which is a music video that accumulated over 40,000 streams on Spotify since November. There are many artists that have inspired Rill Lehigh throughout his musical career. Some of these artists being Beanie Siegel, Chief Keef, and 50 Cent.


“Shining in the Drought” is Rill’s latest single and video. The track rides on a slow and low Trap beat. As an 808 kick bounces slowly through the beat, atmospheric keys float in the periphery. The track has a foggy sci-fi vibe. To match the song’s dark groove, Lehigh’s voice grumbles through stories of life on the street. It’s about winning at a losing game. It is a hard and dark narrative that feels real, and authentic.

Lehigh’s voice is charismatic and unique laid atop of a slow yet groovy trap beat and an almost airy piano motif that creates the perfect contrast to the otherwise dark story.




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