9543714494?profile=RESIZE_710xASHTNMRTN is a New York City based singer-songwriter whose music flows in between genres exploring soul and sensuality. His debut EP, 'Art Love Passion', dives into his early experiences with love, sex, and heartbreak. This project is a thorough introduction to his edgy yet electrifying sound, raspy voice, and alluring sexual energy. His new single, “Mind Freak” is unlike anything he’s released to date: a top notch, sexy R&B track proving his ability to write from multiple perspectives. ASHTNMRTN is ready to tap into more instrumentation, unconventional structures, and collaborations to reinvent himself and make music that reaches mainstream and alternative audiences alike. 

9543788473?profile=RESIZE_710xASHTNMRTN’s vocals meet the hypnotic beat with ease on this sexy, playful up-tempo for enigmatic bosses looking to flex." Stay tuned in with ASHNMRTN as he prepares to release his new single "MINDFREAK" September 10th!

LISTEN HERE: https://linktr.ee/ASHTNMRTN?fbclid=IwAR1DQp_Li9oF1GJkre7GbRGnamIiQmTocGLszQccsHtyTz0UWoevNYLFUfg




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