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    When Edurk Black Pablo takes a minute to step back and analyze his acclaimed success in the music industry, he says, "Big things are coming. I'm blessed and keep letting God drive the car." As CEO of his record label Awol GCode Promotions (based out of Birmingham with 4 signed artists), a rapper, singer, musician, producer, and entrepreneur Pablo has no intentions of slowing down anytime soon. 

    Pablo recalls accolades dating back to 1996 when as a member of Dayton Family, he was signed to a major deal with Relativity Records. The single "F.B.I." topped Billboard 200 at #45. Soon after he went on to collaborate with Hip Hop legend Master P for 2 Gold Albums, 'Down South Hustlers' and 36 Mafia's 'Chapter II-World Domination.' Pablo also toured all 50 states with Insane Clown Posse. 

    “I’ve been to prison, lost everything I had, lost my parents within a week apart, lost my brother, and ongoing life’s struggles force you to keep pushing on. That’s what I do and intend to continue doing.”

    Currently, Pablo is basking in the national and international frenzy of his new single/video "Tear Me Down" featuring T.Rell and Ziggy Zig Zag. The track continues to climb indie charts at #60 on Top 150 Independent Charts and on Top 200 Global Charts at #161. Pablo is gearing up for a summer tour with Gucci Mane's artist Enchanting, on set to film The Dayton Family documentary titled Dope Dayton Ave, and is polishing up on new music with multiplatinum producer Faided Beatz. Stay tuned, and connect with Edurk Black Pablo below. 


    Connect with Edurk Black Pablo


    Facebook: Edurk Black Pablo 

    Tiktok: edurkblackpablo 

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  • P.A.T. Louisiana’s Finest delivers a message in his latest project, "Real Eyez" featuring Los Musick


    If you are a real fan of Hip-Hop, Opelousas, Louisiana artist, P.A.T. should be a pick for your playlists. Since '02, P.A.T. has been seriously doing music and traveling everywhere in the nation-building up the awareness of his presence in the industry! People remember his first BIG project, "No Rooftops Fun-Da-Mental Trill-O.G. Pt.1"-Hosted by DJ Bedtyme 357.


    5267536056?profile=RESIZE_400xP.A.T. has worked for So So Def/Virgin Records and performed in New York City, Florida, Vegas, Cali, Texas, and Louisiana. If you subscribe and check out his Youtube, you will see Louisiana’s Finest on the stage with Snoop Dogg, Dougie Fresh, Jazze Pha, Lil Wayne, Slim Thug, David Banner, Jadakiss, JD, and Nelly. 


    P.A.T. Louisiana’s Finest and Los Musick are double-teaming mumble rap with his latest single, "Real Eyez." “Real Eyez” is produced by Los Musick of Los Musick Productions where every beat is hand-crafted and authentic. This lyrical beast is unsigned by choice because his demeanor exudes heavy grinding, lyrical, creativity, and overall smart. He's the artist that you've seen on a corner in your hood selling cd's or performing any and everywhere to get his music heard. Be sure to connect with P.A.T. on social media and digital music platforms.























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  • Jody Lo - 50




    DPMG’s Jody Lo has been holding his label together on his own by coming with release after release and keeping momentum going with another release today; 50. Its a short 1 verse cypher with a hook over a dark mellow instrumental. Apparent from the artwork, 50 is a single from the upcoming album “Out of the Trap House” by Jody Lo. Shares the same artwork as the full project as well as the previous single “Talk my shit”. Standing on 2 strong single records, this project seems to have garnered a high demand and high expectations.


    Available EVERYWHERE















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    Out of the Trap House (05/22/2020)













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  • Artist Name: Ochoislife

    Song Title: The Weekend


    At an early age Ocho got his love for music from his Uncle Art Simmons, a famous jazz musician and Piano player who played with the likes of legends Quincy Jones and Billie Holiday. Ocho’s first big boost in rap came after an accidental encounter with RZA, who gave him his first real career instruction and advice. The Wu-Tang legend drove Ocho to make music his life. Overtime he mastered the special technique of shadowboxing, achieving his quest to become a god who makes music. This Shaolin Disciple emerged in the late 2000’s like a horrible science experiment that got loose from the lab. In 2009, he dropped the “The Reign Is Over” mixtape, which sold 3,600 copies directly from his hands, and earned him a large local following. His biggest hit yet came later with his track “Fire Starter” featuring Ryan Davidson. Ocho has opened up for Shawna of Disturbing the Peace, legend local rapper Tom G, and performed at Zuly Ramos’ birthday party (of Bad Girls Club). He’d list more names, but he’s out of them. Peace and Blessings.


    Listen to "The Weekend" on Apple Music

    Follow on all socials

    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ochoislife/

    Twitter: https://twitter.com/Ochoislife 

    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ochoislifemusic


    For Bookings, Features, and/or interviews contact ochoislife@gmail.com 

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  • Natural Health Therapies And Cancer - Part One

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    itunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/drunk-single/id1187350671

    Boston based rapper KING KARLEMAGNE is back in the studio working on the follow up to 2013’s 'Foreign Exchanged'. On his new single “DRUNK” the Cameroon born MC digs deep as he shares some of the turmoils he’s been faced with as of late. "I didn't just want to make the regular club song about how fly I am, the imaginary money I have, or how many girls I think I can sleep with.

    I wanted to touch everybody and utilize everyday relatable content to do so; all the while giving the listener something they can have fun to”. You can now stream and/or buy “DRUNK” on iTunes and all other digital music outlets.

    Visit www.kingkarlemagne.com for more info.

    Get your next project distributed at @Raphenom.

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    Listen Here

    KingCamil? ?#?UNVEILED? 4 minutes of ?#?BARS? (New Video)

    Download https://kingcamil.bandcamp.com/track/unveiled


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