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  • Who is EL Meachie?

    Demetrius McCall II, Better known as EL Meachie is an ambitious American singer, melodic rapper, songwriter, and dancer from Akron, Ohio. The hill top west side heart of the hood. EL Meachie undeniably has a gift for music. Growing up in the church he started singing in the kids choir when he was 6, and he started writing songs when he was just 10 years old. He would write catchy hooks and jingles that his mother thought would be great for commercials. His biggest music influencers as a child were Michael Jackson and Bone Thugs and Harmony.



    Growing up in the streets of Akron fighting for money and moving to Atlanta with his mother at the age of 13, following behind his mother’s passion for music is the only reason he feels he has made it this far. As a child EL Meachie performed in various stage plays. During his teenage years at North Charter High School he set trends and influenced many major influencers with his melodic rap and dancing skills. His passion for music, consistency, and determination has led EL Meachie to be noticed by some of the top industry executives. Including Dre “The U.R.L”


    Williams with The Stachehaus/KMG/Sony Orchard. EL Meachie is constantly working on perfecting his craft. He will be releasing his 1st single “Grieivin” that is dedicated to 3 of his female friends from Ohio, who came to Atlanta to support him in his music career, but tragically passed away in a car accident before they could make it back home. Going through 5 different stages of grief EL Meachie uses his music as an outlet to vent and tell his story about demons and angels.


    This young talented, emerging artist is determined to make it big in the music industry, and become one of the most influential Trendsetters of his time.

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  • Who Is Zai?


    Zai, sometimes called “Chameleon” really lives up to his nickname from studying Electrical Engineering to a career in the music industry. Zai discovered his passion for music while attending TSU, focusing on his studies but also making his dreams come true by performing at local shows and writing for various upcoming artists.

    In 2016, Zai released his first Hip-Hop/ Pop EP entitled “Going Up” this really gave him the push to keep going further in his music career. Inspired by artistes such as Michael Jackson, Missy Elliot, The Notorious B.I.G, and Lil Wayne, Zai is truly a triple threat. Zai, the song writer, Zai the rapper, and Zai the singer brings a unique and refreshing style to the music industry. This drive and commitment to stay true to his love of music but also finishing his degree comes from his upbringing in Timberlake, A rough neighborhood in Memphis, Tennessee. Coming from this neighborhood set these goals to become better and to excel in everything he put his mind to and achieve his dreams. Determined to put these dreams in fruition, he took that step to pursue his music career and traveled to Atlanta, Georgia to network.

    In traveling, Zai meets Andre “Dre the URL” Williams who gave him his first taste of the music industry, trusted in his talent, and ultimately provided opportunities for him to work on various projects. Zai will release his debut album titled “Dedication” a hip-hop/pop project in late 2022 under a distribution deal through The Stachehaus, Sony Orchard & KMG.

    Instagram: @TheZaiYancey Twitter: @TheZaiYancey

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  • Who is Hustle Muscle?


    Who is Hustle Muscle?

    James Reese is a multi-talented vocalist and Rapper who goes by the moniker of Hustle Muscle. He was born and raised in Kansas City. His drive, focus, and tenacity will lead him to become a relentless and unstoppable force in the independent circuit.
    For Hustle Muscle music is the vehicle by which he expresses himself. He cites icons such as Kris Kross, Bone Thugs N Harmony, Master P, The Jacka, and San Quinn as the pivotal influences in his music. He is also inspired by how diverse hip hop is and how different individuals all express themselves in different and unique ways. He hopes that by pouring his experiences into his music, he can connect with people, bringing change and impacting his audience in a positive way.
    Hustle Muscle has 7 albums under his belt and he will be dropping his latest 3 track EP dubbed *US” EP that will showcase his party side and allow his audience to be immersed in a sound they can bump to and go hard on. He is making music that is driven by a desire to motivate, inspire, and tell his story his way. Once a light is shown on his story Hustle Muscle’s music will open up the world to his perspectives and tell the relatable story of the struggles of trying to achieve a dream against seemingly insurmountable odds. Hustle Muscle is the answer to the question that Hip Hop music hasn’t asked yet and he will no doubt leave his mark in the industry.
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  • Who is Gleam?


    Who is Gleam?

    Gleam, is a young rapper out of in Waterbury, Connecticut. At the age of 21 he moved to Atl to pursue a career in music. Inspired by artist such as Jay-Z, 50 Cent, Meek Mill and Youngboy Never Broke Again, Gleam is truly a fresh talent. The young hustler is determined to make it in the music industry and put on for his city. Gleam is set to release his debut E.P under a distribution deal through The Stachehaus, Sony Orchard & KMG.


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  • Who is Von Barz?


    Tony Washington, better known as Von Barz. Representing Charlotte, NC by way of Georgetown, SC.

    I jumped off the porch at the age of 10 and encountered all of what life really is today. I’ve seen life’s roses and witnessed life’s nightmares. My parents grinded from the very beginning to show me and my 3 siblings a better life coming from 3 to a bed to my own room as a teen. What I’m saying is I appreciate the bottom middle and top. I spent a lot of time with my folks in Georgetown and it was love, I had such a big family that being outside for me always felt like being at the crib. I learn to be tough, show respect, survive, stay grounded, hustle and most importantly stay humble but stand on business. I never lost that core and eventually my athletic abilities put me through school earning a college degree.

    10518391664?profile=RESIZE_710xDuring college I would go to different yards and battle other rappers becoming a well-known spitta. My rap name is intentional, so you know when you listen to my music “Ima give you Barz.”  I’ve amassed over 10 albums in the vault ready for release and multiple projects out now. I took my talents serious 3 years ago and began building a buzz which struck me up a Distribution deal with the Stachehaus powered by Sony Orchard.

    My music has landed me multiple independent artist awards and showcase trophies along with 100s of thousands of streams and international recognition. I’ve collaborated with Caribbean, European & African artist. Multiple international tours to Jamaica, Europe & Africa. Inspired by icons such as the late great Malcolm X & Jackie Robinson with musical influences from Biggie, Pac, Nas, and Lloyd Banks. Tap in with my recent hit Poppy Da Seed (No Discount EP) on Von Barz Vevo and tune in for more hot content on the way. 


    Stay in contact with Von Barz!

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  • Silence - Summertime Feat. EMDUBAI

    Silence Releases A New Single Titled "Summertime" Featuring EMDUBAI
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  • Vi City - LenCiaga


    Vi City Continues His 2021 Run With His Latest Smash “Lenciaga”!

    Hundreds Entertainment Corp artist Vi City returns with a fly new single for the summer titled “Lenciaga

    Stream “Lenciaga, and his other tracks on Apple Music, SpotifyYouTube and all streaming platforms.

    Follow Vi City on IGTwitterTikTokSoundCloudFaceBook and subscribe on YouTube!


    Read more about Vi City here: Chicago Native Vi City Releases A Brand New Single “OnGOD” Featuring Harv

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