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     Multi-Talented Artist JT Amar brings it all to the industry - GMR, New Music, and Opportunities


    JT Amar is an independent all-around music industry perspective located in Atlanta, Georgia. He is known for his fast flow and punchlines but mostly for hosting showcases and events every Friday in the heart of Atlanta.




    JT Amarr owns Great Material Records Entertainment-an independent record label-where talents are exposed. Additionally, this is where he brands his music and is referred to as "The Uprising." G.M.R. Entertainment is comprised of members such as the Lead Booking Manager (Leo Milcom), C.E.O. (Ghost), and the Lead Producer/Sound Engineer (Duey). JT Amar's accomplishments include a radio contract with "Hype 100" and working with his mentor Yung EgoWorld of Ego World Promotions. Be sure to connect with JT and his movement on social media and digital music platforms.













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  • 8470540074?profile=RESIZE_710x

     “This song had to be made to become proactive in shaping our collective future, because the rebellion that happened on January 6, 2021, in Washington D.C. was the curtain being pulled back on race, lies, and darkness in America,” Speech explains. “It’s obvious that about half of America is living in a fictitious bubble and are responding accordingly. That’s why I wanted to share facts about the lawlessness and hypocrisy that was occurring. We may be at the start of another Civil war and a lot of bloodshed.” -SPEECH

    Atlanta, GA…Like millions of other Americans, Grammy Award-winning artist Speech of the legendary Afro-centric Hip Hop group Arrested Development watched in horror as a swath of die-hard Trump loyalists stormed the U.S. Capitol building in Washington D.C. As the dedicated MC he is, Speech put the pen to paper and spit out the single “A Different World,” an anthemic call-to-action that both preserve his artistic integrity and passion for socio-political issues.

    “On the night of the terrorist attack that already killed five people, I did a YouTube post, I posted various things on social media, but none of it seemed adequate, especially from a music documentation perspective,” he said of the song’s evolution. “So, I went into the studio, pulled out my Beat Thang, sampler, etc. The jazz/boom bap energy for this song was intentional, meant to be a throwback energy from the ‘90s-type approach. In my opinion, those sensibilities lend themselves to reflection, grooves, and hope, while still showing the urgency of this moment. I also purposely rhymed with a higher pitch, cuz I wanted my emotions of helplessness, rage but also engagement to come through.” -SPEECH

    “A Different World” follows Expansion Pt. 1, Speech’s first solo EP in 14 years, and will appear on his upcoming full-length album Expansion. As he flirts within the song’s breakdown, “This is a time for good-hearted people of all races that love Hip Hop to show the world a path to peace and truth! Plot, Plan, Strategize, Organize and Mobilize. Please spread the vibes. We aren’t helpless, we can make a different world.”

    Watch the teaser video and get “A Different World” below on preferred platforms.

    "A Different World" on preferred platforms

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  • Atlanta Native Don Gritty delivers the visual to his latest single "Waste No Time"



    Surviving a past filled with unfortunate situations, Rap Phenom Don Gritty takes to the mic to express his journey and most of all, artistic creativity. Not falling into the statistical reality of his peers, Gritty finds healing in music. Channeling his love of the beat with his will to overcome Don Gritty redefines what it is to be phenomenal. His latest single, "Waste No Time" is from his latest 10-track compilation titled "L.I.F.E Deluxe." 


    Falling in love with music at an early age, Don Gritty looked to Hip Hop Greats such as 2 Pac, Jay-Z, and DMX to help perfect his cadence and help mold his artistic execution. Talent by Birth, Artist by Trade, DG shows the world what it is to grow up with Gritty. Hitting the Atlanta music scene from all angles, he uses music as his blueprint for life. Taking his story to the track, he allows his listeners to relate to the man while falling in love with the music. A triple threat in his own right, this rapper, writer, and visual artist is a force to be seen. Make sure you stay tuned to what’s in store to the World of Don Gritty.











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    Sir Calloway releases visuals for his powerful new single “Boil Advisory” produced by SpiTTzwell (video directed by Ledoox2).  


    Calloway defines our current, nationwide state of emergency through pivotal storytelling and wordplay. Bar for bar he breaks down critical times, pressing societal genocides, and devils in the form of politicians and the system.  Calloway delivers these harsh truths over soulful tones of piano keys and heart-pounding bass.  Sounds of police and ambulance sirens, alarms, and ferocious dogs serve as the hook and heighten the already hair-raising and bone-chilling emotion from Calloway.


    “Boil Advisory” is not meant to entertain, it’s purpose is to shake citizens to the core with knowledge of what, why, when, where, how, and who are digging our worldly grave. Watch “Boil Advisory” and connect with Sir Calloway and SpiTTzwell below.




    IG :  @SirCalloway @spittzwell_the_beat_god 

    Facebook : Sir Calloway on Facebook 

    Twitter : Sir Calloway on Twitter  Spittzwell on Twitter

    Stream “Boil Advisory” on preferred platforms here

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  •  Atlanta-based Rapper, Damien Sane is taking the Independent Underground by Storm


    When you're a living confirmation that “Scars are proof that you’re stronger than what tried to kill you“ - your next move should be your best one. Born in Anniston, Alabama, Damien Sane is an intimately-layered artist with a message for Hip-Hop. During his career, he has managed to release several singles like "Man Named Marty, Hostile (feat. Allen Boi Yo & Tre Fre$hman) and Never Doubt Me (feat. Tre Fre$hman)."

















    Recently, the Atlanta native releases his latest single "Wish I Didn't Say That" produced by UI. The song is about the difficulties of balancing a street life while in a relationship with a significant other. It is the introduction to the forthcoming single "I Can't Trust Ya" scheduled to hit all digital music platforms on April 18th.


    In 2019, Damien Sane performed in several arenas including Alabama's- The Cookout Festival. Damien has found a way to attract a much wider audience through creative collaborations. He has worked with other independent artists like Tre Fre$hman, Shanks Whaley, Heartbreak Chris, Lou Kane, and Gee Baby. His most notable collaboration is with the multi-talented music producer Karltin Bankz on the mixtape series "Time Killer." Bankz is known for working with artists like Doe B, YFN Lucci, Yo Gotti, and Moneybagg Yo. 


    Damien Sane, formerly known as Wesac Wingo, plans on releasing a full EP at the end of the year. Until then, he will be releasing singles on all digital music platforms including Spotify and Apple Music. We wouldn't want you to miss out. So, be sure to connect with Damien on all social media and digital music platforms. 









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  • Check Out Clizzy Houston's -Tonight Ft. Water

    The music of Atlanta-based Pen-Musician, Clizzy Houston, is a unique blend of wordplay with rich undertones of R&B and southern charm. His laid back charisma warrants the title, “The Barry White of Hip Hop“. Appealing to multiple genres, Clizzy knows exactly who he is as an artist. His originality derives from early life experiences inspiring introspect and accelerated maturity fostering the gifted mind of his artistry. Those key elements have garnered over 1.5 million plays on Sound Cloud and counting!!!

    From the big city of Houston, Texas to the cosmopolitan city of Atlanta, Clizzy’s societal views and values have added perspective to his knowledge of music abroad.

    Clizzy Houston : Clear vision, Clear lane…The possibilities…. limitless!

    His Influences:
    Michael Jackson
    Quincy Jones
    R. Kelly

    He’s partnered with:
    Cash Money Records
    Big Tigger
    Pretty Ricky

    He’s collaborated with:
    2004’s YOU GOT SERVED 2 TOUR
    Producer/Musician - Sanchez Holmes (T.I., Jodeci, Young Jeezy)
    Award-winning Mix Engineer - Ray Seay (Rick Ross, Trick Daddy, Pitbull)
    Singer/Songwriter/Producer - Water (Sony/ATV, Dark Child)
    3 x Grammy Award winner - Jaycen Joshua (Nicki Minaj,Chris Brown, Rhianna, Usher, Beyonce)

    His Achievements:
    Releasing a 17 song album : The Beginning (iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, Xbox Music, Spotify)
    Over 1.5 million plays on Sound Cloud for his single ‘Tonight’ ft. Water
    Reached #1 position on Reverbnation’s Hip Hop Charts

    This is a smooth song, with the silky vocals of special guest Water and the tight delivery,its no wonder this song got 1.5 Million plays on Soundcloud!


    Check Out "Tonight" On Soundcloud (Click Here)

    Get "Tonight" On Amazon (Click Here)

    Get "Tonight" On ITunes (Click Here)

    Get Clizzy's Music On The Google Play Store (Click Here)

    Check Out Clizzy Houston's Website (Click Here)

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