How to See Sensitive Content on Twitter

Twitter is a platform used by people of all age groups from all across the world. And every social media like Twitter has some sort of filter and censor which is designed to block content that does not abide by the rules and regulations of the platform. 

You might have come across a tweet with such sensitive content and you must be trying to know how to change sensitive content on twitter. If this is the case, then our blog is the perfect place for you where you will get to know all. 

A sensitive content warning is provided to you so that you do not come across any content that is not good for you and might affect you. 

See Sensitive Content on Twitter 

To see the sensitive content you are supposed to make some changes which are mentioned below for you. 

  1. You have to move to more options which you will find on the side of the navigation bar. 
  2. After which you have to press on the settings and privacy option which pop-ups on the screen following which you are supposed to select the privacy and safety option and then tap on the content you see button. 
  3. After this, you have to click on the box which you will see near the top of the screen saying display media that contain sensitivities content which you have to ensure is checked. 

If the box will be checked you will not see the warnings of this tweet might include sensitive content on your account and if you ever want to change it you can just uncheck the box. 

If you will follow the steps very carefully that we have provided for you then you will be able to know how to allow sensitive content on twitter and you will not encounter the warning for the same anymore.

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