The latest album, ‘The origin’ by Decked music is now available on Spotify, Amazon and other digital stores. The album has 7 songs in total and each of them are unique in its own way. The beats of the songs are creatively synchronized for a mesmerizing feeling. It would bring some power in your legs and force you to dance. These songs have the potential to excite anyone, anytime, anywhere.


The main purpose of the music is to compel your listeners into the world of music. Through music the emotions of the artists should speak and reach to the listeners. This is effectively and perfectly done by Decked Music. The artists aim at growing through their hard work and determination, because for them up is the only direction.


About Decked Music

Decked Music is new in the industry and finds its origin in South Africa. It is an independent recording label, run by a husband and wife. Other than this, 3 artists and 2 producers are signed to the label. These artists collaborate together to come out with a mind blowing piece which could not be anticipated. 


“We all love music, especially hip hop, it is the bond that we have developed over the past year that drives us to do our best, that family bond”- a statement by Decked Music.


This group has created a small family in themselves who have sought to stay together in hard times as well as good times. It is their group work which is paying off. 


Decked Music’s journey started very recently, which is from 2019. Being new in the industry, this group has already earned significant recognition, making them competitive. By now they have received overwhelming response and still work on increasing it. This music team is a division of Decked Media and Design.


Decked music truly inspires the music industry with their eccentric work. Each and every member’s will power has got them several achievements.


Where to find them?

Below you could find the links to the active social media accounts of the Decked Music like Facebook, and stay updated with his new products. There you could find behind the scenes or a glimpse of insider life of the artist and know how he works. 












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