Poultry farmers know just well the importance of incubators. Those who like hatching their own eggs understand how crucial and incubator can be. They will often want get the best incubator for the money, especially those who farm for commercial purposes.

The incubators are designed to operate in the most suitable temperatures and humidity. These are the basic conditions necessary for hatching of the eggs. If any is not right, the whole process will be affected.

Under normal circumstances, it takes 21 days for the eggs to hatch. If interrupted however, it may take longer. People use incubators because they can hatch a lot of eggs at once, where you would otherwise require many chicken.

Incubators are also safer. That is perhaps another reason they have become so much popular today. They can hatch eggs from different birds.

Which one is better

However, it is often a battle between home-built and buying an incubator. When selecting, consider the size and design of the incubator should be considered. Whether to buy an incubator or get someone to help you build one, the choice depends on your specifications. Here are things to think about.

Why should you buy an incubator?

It is cheaper

One of the biggest advantages of mass produced products is that they are always cheap.  If you compare with customized products, the price may vary a lot. Buying from the market gives you a chance to choose between different brands and pick one you think will serve you most appropriately.

There are flexible payment options

Every business has different plans that guide how they operate. If you are mass producing chicks, buying an incubator gives you multiple payment options. You can also get the item delivered at your convenience.

Disadvantages of buying

The biggest disadvantage is the design restriction. Chances are, you will not be able to choose the perfect design for your needs.

For instance, you may be looking to hatch 1000 eggs, but you may only find an incubator that can hold 500. That means you will have to buy two. Or you will be forced to adjust your plans to meet your business requirements.

Apart from that, you may need to redesign the incubator. That is the initial design does not fit your poultry design. It is quite difficult to find an incubator on the market that provides especially what you want.


Should you then built you own incubator?

Advantages include:

For limitation to the capacity

This is the major advantage of buying an incubator. You have whole room to design and build an incubator that can accommodate the number of eggs you want. Other incubators on the market may only hold about 500 eggs. But with your own creation, you can design something from more than 1000 eggs.

Customize your incubator

Your overall incubator designs can only hold the incubator meant for them. This is why building one makes things easy. You don’t need to redesign anything or change your budget.

Disadvantages of building an incubator include:

It is costly

As seen above, mass produced products don’t require specific designs. But if you decide to make one, you might have to spend a little more than your expectation.

You need a good budget before you start. You will want a good expert to help you out with the building. They will be doing so based on your terms and conditions. In such a case, the material, the design, the working condition and everything else may cost a good fortune. You have to decide whether it is really worth it.

It takes time

When you want to buy an incubator, all you have to do go to the market and pick the item you prefer. Even if you buy it online, it will still be delivered the same day, saving you on time and money.

If therefore you are in urgent need of an incubator, building one from the ground may not be a good idea. It will take time to built and send to you.

Time and money are the two things you might not have. For this reason, you project might be delayed.

Final thought

The truth is, there is no telling which incubator is the best. Everyone has their own preferences. Those who have been in business long enough already understand what they need.

If you intend to start your own hatchery, there are some key factors to put in mind. Making the right business choice is a skill you need to learn. The right incubator will give you the maximum profits in your line of business. General considerations include:

  • Capacity of the incubator
  • Power consumption
  • Your budget and the cost of available incubators
  • Reviews on the success of the incubator model
  • The mode of operation
  • Maintenance and
  • Design
  • The size of your poultry farm

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