Blackjack at Modern Online Casinos

The king of card games at online casinos is certainly blackjack. Despite having strong competition, blackjack is not going to let numerous video poker variations take its leading position.

Reasons Why Blackjack Is So Popular

Blackjack popularity is based on several factors at the same time. Novice online casino players appreciate simple rules, while experienced gamers would agree that blackjack is one of the smartest games at online casino Casinonic -


This casino game is one of few where player's skills really make difference. And even though winning in the long run won't be possible, experienced online casino player can easily ensure minimum casino edge.

The fact that gamers play against casino dealer is important characteristic of blackjack. This characteristic seems insignificant in standard online casino blackjack. But in live casinos blackjack gets more intriguing. Real dealer is player's opponent and that makes the game much more interesting compared to, for instance, slot machines. If there are other players at the table, playing becomes even more exciting.

Blackjack Variations

There are several types of blackjack. That's why you won't get bored playing this casino game.

Rule differences can seem inconsiderable, but they sometimes significantly change overall impression and online casino player's chances of winning.

Even if you know all the rules of one blackjack variation, it doesn't mean that you can play for real money another blackjack type you aren't familiar with despite general rules being absolutely the same.

Typically, good online casinos offer the following blackjack variations:

  • Exposure;
  • Single deck;
  • 21;
  • Six decks
  • Mini;
  • Switch;

But often the number of blackjack variations at casinos online is limited to 2-3 of the most popular. That is usually the case at live casinos. Customers are offered several tables to play popular blackjack variations.

For each variation there are optimal strategies developed. When you play at online casino, no one can stop you from reading tips about your strategies.

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