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    Hip-Hop Artist Li Li Nicols delivers her latest single "Pull Up" featuring Juug


    Born in New Orleans, LA, Li Li Nicols immediately shows an interest in music and entrepreneurship. At the age of 7, she's inspired by the artist Alicia Keys and asks for a keyboard. “I was captivated by her beauty, music and loved that we shared the same name.” Although artists like Alicia Keys, Jay Z, and Kanye West influenced her passion for music and the industry, Nicols father's ambition instilled values of hard work and developed this love for music. Growing up, she experiences music of all genres and generations like The Temptations, The O'Jays, Michael Jackson, Mary Mary, Biggie, Hall & Oates, etc. 


    9703155872?profile=RESIZE_710xAt the age of 19, Li Li generates over 200k views and a consistent audience to her site "Live Li Li." Additionally, she managed several local artists, getting them opportunities to open for major artists. At the age of 21, she begins freelance writing for a plethora of blog sites and urban magazines including Society 19, Blasting News, and Hype Magazine. In 2016, she moved to Los Angeles after releasing a small EP which gave her a small music buzz, and shortly after began working as an intern for a boutique public relations firm called FYI. This position helped to establish a solid foundation in the Los Angeles music scene. 


    Experiencing several trials and tribulations in her adult life, Li Li rediscovered her passion for music and decided to create more songs. Her single Black Diemen that featured Liberian Atlanta artist Wrebel put her back in front of the world after a four-year iatus. This time, she presents her latest single "Pull Up." This song is a fun, catchy, and vibrant one that is relatable to audiences that enjoy partying. The hook is meant to focus on a phrase that we often use to have fun and get together. The song production is by an Atlanta producer named Snook Nazty. 

    Be sure to connect with Li Li Nicols on her website, social media, and digital music platforms.




































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    Success Around the Corner - Album by Swauve | Spotify

    For those who don't know him and for those who don't, Swauve comes through to introduce and reintroduce himself to the game. Recently releasing his new project "Success Around The Corner"! This Hip Hop artist will be sure to have your head bopping and remembering the name, Swauve. Check "Success Around The Corner" now available on all streaming services and online stores.


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     "Cuddle Man Candy Man" has just released and now available on all streaming services and online stores.



    Facebook: Lasel clark

    Twitter: @2real04567174

    Instagram: Sedrick2real

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  • Silence - Summertime Feat. EMDUBAI

    Silence Releases A New Single Titled "Summertime" Featuring EMDUBAI
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    East Coast Lyricist Mr.Reaper delivers the visual to his latest single "Thru The Dark"


    Fusing raw, brutally honest lyricism to hard-hitting rap rhythms, Mr.Reaper is an emerging hip-hop artist currently making his mark on the global music scene. His style is very lyrical, blending emotionally wordy bars to infectious beats. The rapper's lyrical ability is truly incredible and paints the authentic uncut picture of life in vivid detail. 




    Mr.Reaper is a distinct conscious rapper and talks about deep life subjects from overcoming adversity to spirituality. His low, quick-paced flow is second to none, creating a highly unique sound unlike any other rapper in the industry right now. Mr.Reaper’s ability to rap in a dazzling range of different styles shows his versatility. His motivational anthems act as the perfect soundtrack for anyone going through the daily struggles of life.


    Mr.Reaper's inspiration to record music begins at the age of seventeen years old from his childhood idols Bone Thugs-N-Harmony. He had a strong desire to create music for other people to enjoy. After writing his first track at seventeen, his song called “Future Shock” was also featured on his first album ever made known as "Revelation Scriptures." At a young age, Mr.Reaper distributes "Revelation Scriptures" to the public and records his music off the beats he made. 


    Mr.Reaper fell into bad times-financially and in his personal life - so he had to take a break from the music scene for some time. It was a difficult time of his life where he was not sure if he would continue pursuing a career in music. Around the end of 2019, his passion for the craft re-ignites, and he decides to start releasing music for the world to hear.


    Be sure to connect with Mr.Reaper on his website, all social media, and digital music platforms.


































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  • Now Born releases his latest 45 song project "Valedictorian - The Mixtape"



    Now Born is not your typical rapper. No other rapper has put out a piece of work, recorded, and released while still in prison-like this one. Not only does "Valedictorian- the Mixtape" have 45 songs, but the lyrics are top-tier and the beats are original. "Valedictorian" features dope samples and stellar production from Wild Life affiliates; Raleigh York, RL Beatz, Marc Valli, Vango One, Trak'd Out, and more. Now Born co-produced multiple songs that appear on "Valedictorian – the Mixtape." The emcee has been incarcerated for 15 years for armed robbery and is on his way home very soon. As he says in one of the tracks on this mix, he plans to hit the ground running. This mixtape collection consists of music that he found ways to record while he was in prison. His music has appeared in movie documentaries and has played on several platforms based in various cities. This independent and determined artist is also an entrepreneur. 


    Now Born is an author and publisher of 3 books (The Fiery Furnace – A Memoir by Now Born; Moving Target; Promise – A Bloody Love Story) and can be found at Also, Now Born is the founder and creative director of the clothing brand Wild Life Wardrobe. Now Born has been emceeing and recording in between run-ins with the law since he was a youth. Now, as a fully developed man with both the knowledge and understanding of life, his music has substance. His stories are vivid, raw, and his bars are sharp and witty. His sound is soulful, aggressive, and strong. His truth is raw and the sound is guaranteed to grab you whether you are from the east, west, north, or the south. This artist has more music coming soon. For all features or any business-related questions, contact Now Born at sure to connect with Now Born on social media and digital music platforms. 







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  • Chicago Rapper Bigg Wall breaks Stigmas and Drops Bangers with his hit single “I Get It”

    It’s hard to make it out of the Southside of Chicago with all the gangs, violence, unfair police activity, and many other obstacles that derail most from realizing their dreams and goals. Making it out of the Englewood area, becoming a leader in the field of radio media and podcasting, and dropping one of the hottest hustler anthems of the year, easily makes Bigg Wall a legend in the Chicago music scene. 


    Now, you may be asking yourself, “Who is Bigg Wall and why should I care?” With over 100,000 streams across all streaming platforms and a major premiere coming up on BET JAMS for his hit single “I Get it”-it’s safe to say, if you are not a fan, you are missing out! “I Get It” is an energy booster and a day starter song that you listen to when you’re getting ready to conquer the world. From the moment the chorus hits your synapses, you go from sluggish and doubtful to full of life and confidence. Wall’s delivery is instantly catchy and easy to listen to but his bars are heavy and full of power, success, and grind. He ain’t coming on this track bragging about having a bunch of cars, clothes, and hoes, which is a breath of fresh air.

    Bigg Wall, the OG of Chicago ain’t just rapping either; he also has created a popular syndicated radio show called “Address The Culture” on Philly Jamz 95.3 FM and Jamz 95.3 FM where he has interviewed a plethora of celebrities, activists, and black business owners to help spread the positivity of the black culture and its people. You can find the entire episode list on YouTube right now. Bigg Wall has established himself as a fixture in Chicago Rap and he has much more on the way in the realms of music and radio. 

    The official premiere of the “I Get It” music video on BET JAMS will be October 18th, 1 pm-2 pm PST. Additionally, he has a remix that dropped with the legendary Tennessee rapper and "Hypnotize Minds" OG Project Pat and Its64Boy! Make sure you follow Bigg Wall on all social media and streaming platforms and don't forget to set your DVRs to BET JAMS for the video release of “I Get It.”






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    Baselworld Watch & Jewellery Show 2014: Jacobs watches the world with ASTRONOMIA TOURBILLON

    In all the hustle and bustle of the Basel world, no company (not to mention any watch) can stand out,Jacob & Co Astronomia Tourbillon Dragon, but thanks to Jacob Arabo and Jacob & Co. At the 2014 Baselworld Watch Conference, it was clearly not a problem. He briefly introduced the most watched exhibition watch, Astronomia Tourbillon. It's the kind of thing that only Jacob & Co. can do - a spectacular size, the proportion of luxury watch giants and the entire mechanical miniatures of the most profound hemispherical sapphire crystals in the history of a tick.

    Of course, Jacob is no stranger to the outward appearance of the clock; as we did at some point in the meeting, there is a $3.3 million watch on a pallet and it is two watches, you know that you are no longer Kansas. However, despite the wide variety of jewellery watches and mechanical complications have been swaying for years - the SF24 Split Flap GMT timepiece and the Quenttin 31 Day tourbillon are both Jacob & Co. The obvious evidence that is intended to be taken seriously is for the complex watchmaking industry.

    However, Astronomia Tourbillon has greatly improved the standard. It is not the biggest watch we saw at the World Watch Fair in Basel, but it is 47 mm in diameter, from the bottom of the movement to the top of the aquarium sapphire crystal 18 mm. Because of its proportion, it seems bigger. Most of the height of the watch is the sapphire crystal itself, which is equipped with a four-armed turntable. The end of each arm is a display of hours and minutes; the platinum earth representing the earth, the ocean is represented by the blue flinqué; a 1-carat briolette cut diamond, representing the moon; and finally, a three-axis tourbillon.discounted cheap men watches

    The tourbillon rotates on three axes - the cage itself rotates every sixty seconds and the second axis rotates every five minutes. Finally, the arm of the tourbillon rotates around the central axis of the watch every 20 minutes (the same for the other three arms).

    To say that the technical challenge involved in making a watch is nothing to say. The power requirements are high; to satisfy them, the entire base of the watch contains a mainspring that fills the entire diameter of the case. The power reserve, despite huge power requirements, is 72 hours. The creation of Platinum Earth is also a major challenge because helium must be applied to spherical surfaces; although the materials it manufactures must be as light as possible to avoid unbalanced four armed carriers and reduce the risk of damage to the watch due to vibration (facts) On, an unfortunate reporter) who will remain anonymous, actually gave up Astronomia on the first day of the show. We can only assume that they left Basel that night and wore a fake beard under the cover of night; Astronomia had to perform an emergency night surgery in Geneva, but when we saw it, it was well removed again. )

    The balance beats at 18,000 vph and is a classic sidebar design. The Philips terminal curve is mathematically connected to the balance spring. The steel structure completes the high-end watch standard, edge tilting and polishing; despite the avant-garde design, Astronomia gives a very classic impression thanks to the traditional movement processing technology.HYT H1 TITANIUM 148-TT-11-GF-LC watch

    The display at the time was mounted on the differential so that the 12 on the dial was always facing upwards as it rotated around the central axis; this was necessary for accurate reading time.

    The entire display rotates in front of the background of the midnight blue Tomb, and its star mineral inclusions enhance the miniature impression of the universe. In order to maintain the weight of the watch in the wearable area, the case is made of a tough polycarbonate composite - in fact, Jacob Arabo assures us that despite its size, complexity and obvious fragility, it is still very suitable Wear it. The design is his own, and the technical challenge of creating watches is met by the watch specialist Complex Studio 7H38, Jacob & Co. Cooperation with SF24.

    This is a polarized watch; in addition to the rich design, this is not everyone's vodka brand, it is not a traditional astronomical complex function - for example, the orbital period of the Earth and the Moon, does not conform to the real world; instead, they each Rotate once on their axis for sixty seconds. However, as Jacob explained to us, his goal is not to recreate the words of the celestial movement - instead of creating an orrery for the wrist, he wants to create a dynamic visual composition that reflects the emotional experience of looking up at the stars - night Sky.

    If the huge buzz created by the watch in the world of Basel is any sign, if the creation of emotional influence with unique mechanical art works is the goal, then the task is completed - and then some.high quality replica watches

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  • New: Audemars Piguet 42mm Supérieur Oak Offshore Automatic Time counter

    Audemars Piguet replica watches launched five fresh 42mm Royal Oak Out sourced Automatic Chronographs, equipped with the newest integrated flyback chronograph movement-Calibre 4404. Two of them make use of titanium or stainless steel circumstances, light blue or khaki watch dials with their Méga Tapisserie switch pattern, and three additional stainless steel, titanium or 20 carat rose gold materials using Petite Tapisserie pattern about the dial.


    Precisely what is released this time is actually the actual 42mm self-winding chronograph with two sets of 42mm Royal Oak offshore scenario, a total of 5 brand-new models. The first set offers the Méga Tapisserie dial pattern and is also available in two cases: the first is stainless steel and the other is usually titanium, both with a black color rubber crown and keys with a textured rubber secure. The second group is equipped with some sort of Petite Tapisserie dial routine and offers three case alternatives: one is stainless steel, one is ti, and the other is rose gold colored. All of them have a metal bracelets made of the same material for the reason that case.


    The actual Méga Tapisserie dial is done by machine stamping, even though the Petite Tapisserie dial is definitely traditionally made with computer-controlled guilloche patterns. For more information about call manufacturing in AP, booking our interview article in this article. Méga Tapisseries is an model of the original Royal Pecan Offshore that debuted within 2001, while Petite Tapisseries represents a new evolution in the original Royal Oak Overseas in 1993. replica Breitling Watches


    Both sets on the new version of AP ROO Chronograph 42 include a new internal movement-the 4404 movement. This movement was regarded as a variant named 4401, which was introduced in the modern 43mm ROO chronograph inside 2019 and after the Computer code 11. 59 Chronograph. The particular 4401 is the first built-in chronograph movement developed along with manufactured in-house by AP.


    4404 is actually a redesign of 4401 due to the fact AP hopes to restore the particular vertical 12/9/6 layout with the sub-counter in the 1993 Suprême Oak offshore model. Inside the intervening years, the ROO chronograph adopted a 3/6/9 horizontal layout. Since the 4401's sub-counter uses a horizontal 3/6/9 layout, this change of fixing the sub-dial to a straight 12/9/6 layout requires one much more movement board. However , typically the specifications of the two calibers remain exactly the same. Both have 45 jewels, column wheel flyback chronograph with vertical clutch i465 black and date. And determine the same diameter of thirty two mm, power reserve of 75 hours, beat at a velocity of 28, 800 bph. replica automatic watches


    The new AP Regal Oak Offshore Automatic Stop-watch 42mm, with PetiteTapisserie face pattern.


    With all the 4404, AP now gives two sub-dial tricompax styles for its chronograph. In the current AP catalog, there are still some types equipped with 3126/3840 (vertical sub-dial) and 2385 (horizontal sub-dial) movements. These are movements having third-party components. 3126/3840 are generally AP Calibre 3120 simple movement with Dubois-Depraz moment module, and 2385 is actually F. Piguet 1185. Without the internal information, we think that this situation will change shortly, and all chronographs will be motivated by 4401 or 4404.


    Audemars Piguet - 5 new iterations of the 42mm Royal Oak Offshore Automatic Chronograph


    " Large tapestry"

    Launched two completely new models with the " Méga Tapisserie" dial pattern. One particular uses a stainless steel case and also the other uses a titanium situation. luxury replica watches


    The stainless steel model includes a light blue dial, decorated with all the " Méga Tapisserie" pattern-first introduced in the Royal Maple Offshore collection in 2001-and comes with a black chronograph counter-top and a black inner viser. The orange used for often the counter Arabic numerals as well as the central second hand of the wathe adds a vivid shade.


    In contrast, the actual titanium model combines a new khaki " Méga Tapisserie" dial with a matching interior bezel, and is equipped with the silver chronograph plate published with black hour marker pens, Arabic numerals and timepiece hands.


    The newest Royal Oak Offshore Réduit Tapisserie watch is made of stainless and offers two new circumstance options: one is titanium plus the other is 18-carat rose gold colored. Audemars Piguet released an old model made entirely regarding titanium in 2004 (reference amount 25721TI), which was the first time that demonstrated the evolution from the 18-carat rose gold " Diminué Tapisserie" watch. The conditions and bracelets of these a few timepieces are hand-decorated also consider with the manufacturer's signature silk brushed and polished chamfered edges. Replica Zenith Watches


    The stainless steel and rose gold colored models are paired with azure rubber buttons and capped teeth, as well as blue rubber gaskets that seal the board to the case. In contrast, the particular crown, washers and links of a titanium timepiece are constructed of black rubber.


    Three new Royal Pine Offshore Tapestry models usually are faithful to the original looks and incorporate the " small tapestry" pattern. Typically the stainless steel model uses the long-lasting blue dial of the Noble Oak Offshore in 93. This color is called " Night Blue, Cloud 50" in the archives of the enjoy factory. The rose gold guide model highlights the " Night Blue, Cloud 50" dial, with a rose gold right time to counter that echoes area of the precious case. Lastly, the titanium version will be decorated with a light greyish dial, a black reverse and a black inner frame are more prominent.


    Common design features of the newest 42mm self-winding chronograph ROO model


    Even though the timepiece retains the 93 Royal Oak Offshore Straight Chronograph, the hours in addition to small seconds have been inside-out: the hour counter has become at 12 o'clock, along with the small seconds appears from 6 o'clock. For its portion, the minute counter remains on the 9 o'clock position. Additionally , all counters are now equidistant from the center of the watch dial to increase visual appeal. replica Porsche Design watches


    The 1st letter of AP today appears at the 3 o'clock position. In the Méga Tapisserie style, this logo has no long logo, which seems more sporty, while the standard AP initials with a very long logo are still distinctive inside the Petite Tapisserie style.


    AP caliber 4404

    Five new Supérieur Oak Offshore watches have a new self-winding integrated time counter Calibre 4404, equipped with any column wheel and flyback function. Unlike ordinary chronograph watches, the flyback function permits the wearer to stop, reset and commence the chronograph with a basic action. The column tyre and the vertical clutch method work together. When the chronograph is usually started or stopped, typically the hands will react consequently without any signs of beating. Additionally , the button feels easy when pressed. The copyrighted reset mechanism ensures that each and every counter pointer instantly resets to zero.


    The sapphire caseback in the watch displays the unsuspecting " dance" of the movement's column wheel and stop-watch hammer* when the chronograph is definitely started. The movement has a dedicated 22-carat pink rare metal oscillating weight, with printed AP initials, and delightful hand-made decorations, including " Côtes de Genève", satin-brushed and polished chamfers.


    Interchangeable strap/bracelet

    The five new Suprême Oak Offshore Automatic Chronograph watches complement the watch factory's brand new interchangeable strap system. Interchangeability has been directly integrated into often the buckle and the rivets of the watch case, perfectly blending with the artistic criteria of the case. Customers can certainly and efficiently replace the tie and buckle of a fresh timepiece with just a speedy click and release. If the watch is worn for the wrist, the double drive system provides the best basic safety.


    The two wrist watches in Méga Tapisserie include interchangeable textured rubber connectors, light blue or khaki coordinating the colors of the respective knobs. Both are equipped with a second dark interchangeable calfskin strap. The 3 models in Petite Tapisserie are equipped with a metal band made of the same material as being the case. The metal necklace can be replaced with a plastic strap for a more cool look and lifestyle, as the latest 42mm version has a second interchangeable rubber strap-the stainless steel and rose gold editions are blue; the dark-colored one Titanium sheet. Entirely waterproof, when wearing some sort of rubber strap, these several models can travel to a new depth of 100 feets underwater.


    Often the 42mm Royal Oak Just offshore 2021 Interchangeable Strap Series also includes light blue and khaki textured rubber straps, and also black calfskin straps.

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  • 9546481665?profile=RESIZE_710x

    King lop, a talented independent artist/entertainer/influencer based out of Maryland continues to prove why he deserves to be featured in XXL MAGAZINE for 2021 artist to watch as well as receiving a call from QC in 2019.

    He’s back with another one!! King Lop continues to give his fans what they want, more great quality music. As he drop his brand new project "Thru Hell To XXL”. You already know turning up isn’t something new for King Lop. Be sure to check “Thru Hell To XXL” now available on all streams services, online stores and social media @theofficial_kinglop. LISTEN HERE:


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  • 9543714494?profile=RESIZE_710xASHTNMRTN is a New York City based singer-songwriter whose music flows in between genres exploring soul and sensuality. His debut EP, 'Art Love Passion', dives into his early experiences with love, sex, and heartbreak. This project is a thorough introduction to his edgy yet electrifying sound, raspy voice, and alluring sexual energy. His new single, “Mind Freak” is unlike anything he’s released to date: a top notch, sexy R&B track proving his ability to write from multiple perspectives. ASHTNMRTN is ready to tap into more instrumentation, unconventional structures, and collaborations to reinvent himself and make music that reaches mainstream and alternative audiences alike. 

    9543788473?profile=RESIZE_710xASHTNMRTN’s vocals meet the hypnotic beat with ease on this sexy, playful up-tempo for enigmatic bosses looking to flex." Stay tuned in with ASHNMRTN as he prepares to release his new single "MINDFREAK" September 10th!





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  • Artist Name: VON SKEE

    Song Title: MAD


    Available on all Streaming Platforms


    MAD is a song expressing the Anger & Hate shown to a Hustler on the Come Up. The Street Life taught a lot of us Real Lessons. Von Skee freestyles on yet another Crazy beat by D L0wK3y, the Duo has plenty in store for Fans.





    Booking contact: 

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  • J. Maurice releases his latest banger "Facetime" on all music platforms


    J. Maurice is a fast-rising Hip-Hop and Rap artist representing the beautiful city of Dallas, TX. His success story can be credited to his fueled energy and passion for music and he’s on a lifelong mission to become the greatest entertainer and inspiration of all time. J. Maurice’s latest release ‘Facetime’ is a fiery single that is a seductive anthem packed with bass, rhythm, and a memorable chorus. With soft sensual chords juxtaposed against an upbeat bouncy bassline, J'Maurice delivers his signature flow, smooth persona, and natural boss attitude. A slick chorus hooks the listener into another party anthem for the summer. With a flawless streak of stand-off singles from J. Maurice "Facetime" acts as another reason J. Maurice gives listeners to party, live life, joy ride, or just vibe.


    Being a victim and conqueror of some unfavorable life situations, bought upon by the early divorce of his parents, he learned to use his predicaments as a stepping stone for him. Having experienced life as a turbulent youth that made him turn away from his peers and parents, he learned to be strong as he rose above every circumstance to discover his true talent in rapping. J. Maurice chose music as a platform to express himself because this is the area that inspires him the most in life. He is bent on creating inspiring music that will be lyrically rich, highly relatable and truly moving to his listeners.


     “Everybody's life has love, hate, and pain in it. Making music is my way of dealing with it, growing from it, and moving on" - J. Maurice

    With this strategic approach, J. Maurice uses his songs to bring healing, happiness, and joy to others. His love for music also streams from the motivation he gets listening to old skool Hip Hop and R&B music from veterans and prominent role models in the music and entertainment industry. J. Maurice is known for the passionate manner in which he fleshes out his flawless melodies that creates memorable, heartfelt rhythms with quotable lyrics. Whenever he takes the center of the stage, there is no limit to his flair. The talented and energetic rapper, best described by his addictive choruses and killer punchlines, never fails to wow the audience and the world around him whenever he drops a new hit. Be sure to connect with J. Maurice on all social media and digital music platforms.









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  • Replica brm watches

    Richard Mille RM 067 Watches are crafted of different important diamond jewelry. Together with coops and lighters, they were at the time known as often the "three treasures" of males. They are whatever every individual can't make for a few moments. In community occasions, being dressed in a watch typically means a strong sensation of time in addition to rigorous form. So that is certainly good for it is possible watches plus which make is preferred? Let's launch the top 12 men's pieces in 2021. Blancpain Burper is the most ancient and most seasoned existing enjoy brand. Since its establishment inside 1735, quartz watches haven't been released and will hardly ever be made in the future. There isn't a flow buy in baopo. The processing process almost all carried out on the old farmhouse apartment home and decorated by man or women replica richard mille watches.On 1775, A good. Louis Breguet founded the firm of Blancpain. The world established classic determine the history of clocks and even first of all developed this brand in Paris and then throughout Switzerland. Breguet luxury replicas are really valued by way of the royal spouse and children. French Master Louis XVI and Princess Mary tend to be respected by just Breguet.GENERAL PRACTITIONER Zhibai see. Zhibai was founded in La Saud, Europe in 1791. It is the minute oldest legitimate best luxury replica watches manufacturing area in the world. Persistent pays a great deal more attention to electronic improvement. The guy constantly types more fancy timing method, which makes the real thing "Sanjin fill Tourbillon" appear and become the exact representative deliver the results of GP Zhibai observe. In order to publish the horological industry history associated with replica brm watches considering the public, DOCTOR Zhibai look at set up GENERAL PRACTITIONER Zhibai check out Museum with 1999 towards reflect the approach and complicated process of wall timepiece manufacturing. Rolex is a widely known Swiss sit back and watch manufacturer. It previously was jointly worked by Hans westorf regarding Germany together with Davis involving England in London in 1905. In 1908, it was subscribed in rachadefen, Switzerland and renamed Iwc. In 1953, Rolex developed a diving watch specially developed for divers. Panerai watches are meant in a solemn, practical as well as non showy style, which is certainly loved by tens of thousands people.
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  • 9494195277?profile=RESIZE_710x

    Vikram Maan is definition of success and his business partner Trill Will is the perfect
    example of unseen influence. Together they have elaborately put together the
    interconnected Ecosystem of Brands called Eagleporium Agency.

    The Purpose of this conglomerate is to increase the influence and engagement of their
    clients in the social media reality and in actuality are able to place them in Reality TV,
    commercials, Social Media ads,Music Videos, Websites, Blog sites and etc.


    Eagleporium is the World Wide Based Model Agency. This is not just an agency it is a new
    revolutionary concept that Mr.Vikram Singh and Co-Owner Trill Will
    wants to give to this world.

    Vikram Maan is a young Social Marketing Savant from Rajasthan designs Social engineering
    campaigns and handles social media PR for his clients with his social media expert and
    superb entrepreneurial business acumen of a Steve Jobs can Trump all sub- divisions
    of business. Trill Will with his management skills Social Media and Entertainment
    Industry expertise vast network and eye for minute details has enabled
    Eagleporium to grow tremendously, in the last 2 months.He ensures
    to keep a track of the latest trends in the industry which has led him
    to successfully run several notable campaigns for
    various celebrities and Companies.

    Trill Will since 2011 has been hyperactive in creating content for social media.
    He holds more than 10 years of experience in the field. His high IQ in analyzing,
    revising and improving active social media trends and the ever changing digital
    marketplace are unbelievable unless experienced 1st hand. His way of working,
    sets him apart from his counterparts and rivals in the industry. Owing to these
    qualities, many companies have reached out to him to collaborate on everything
    from improving on corporate structure and brand perception to creating culture
    within their brand. Influential names Celebrity Dj Yg for Celebrity Status Records
    to Chris Wills at Full Circle music Group from a artist to his current position as
    CEO. Webbie's Brother Derrick Marquis Johnson has collaborated with Trill Will
    for strategy Artist and Repertoire Leadership to Graphics and tour management.

    Vrikram Singh an Trill Will are living legends and are the definition of success. They
    started from the mud and soared high above what most people wishfully think of
    achieving. The Drive they possess will take them to new and higher dimensions in a
    world they constructed and will allow them to Create Constant Grasp on Successful
    ventures in pop culture.

    Stay Connected With Eagleporium And Trill Will:

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  • Artist Name: BOOBIEBOY CALO

    Song Title: WANT IT ALL


    New Single WANT IT ALL available on all streaming platforms worldwide

    Stream now on Spotify

    Watch video on Facebook

    Follow Boobieboy Calo on all socials

    Instagram: @boobieboycalo

    Twitter: @mikeycalo_


    For bookings, interviews, or more info contact 

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  • Artist Name: PAULY DINERO

    Song Title: GREATEST


    Hip-Hop and R&B Heartthrob Pauly Dinero is back with his highly anticipated single Greatest. Pauly has had a tough year trying to become accustom to the new normal created by the Covid-19 virus along with the rest of the world. Jobs have been lost, families have been altered and life as we know it is no longer the same. Throughout all of his trials and tribulations Pauly has remained true to his craft; a soulful, passionate artist whose commitment to his family, community and fans. His latest single "Greatest" documents his resilience and willingness to push through no matter what to provide for him family and make his community and supporters proud. Working everyday to be the GREATEST!!



    Follow Pauly Dinero on all social media platform


    Instagram: @pauly_dinero

    Twitter: @paulydinero

    Facebook: @paulydineromusic

    For bookings, interviews, or features contact James 

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  • Nello Fernando - "LIKE THAT"


    If you don't know who Nelly Fernando is then you are truly missing out on a great musician with some dope music. 

    Check out "Like That" now available on all streaming services.


    Facebook: Nello Fernando

    Instagram: @nellofernando

    YouTube: Nello Fernando

    Twitter: Nellofernando7

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  • dankwoods
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