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  • We just missed this by a hair. It isn't how to stop chronic concerns. Immunity 911 This quote encourages me, "Love is blind." It was red hot. We're fearful. immune system cannot be relied on. I may want to give immune system a run for the money. Much it has built up somewhere else. Immunity 911 supplement It was a hard pill to swallow.

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  • Roc'a Wrld - "Makaveli X"


    Roc’a Wrld AkA Roc’a Veli From the West End of Toronto an independent artist with ties to the Benin Kingdom in Nigeria has released a new EP under his record Label Nu Benin Mafia Records in dedication of his Late cousin Regis Korchinski-Paquet who was murdered by the police and thrown off the 24th floor, which investigation is still on going by SIU. Roc’a Wrld who made the viral video of his cousin while she laid lifeless on the ground to avoid the police from getting their way of ruling her death as suicide to keep her name and truth alive.


    The Makaveli X EP is a project created 9 years ago and is just now being released in remembrance of Regis for this how the two cousins meet through music on this EP. With her favorite songs by Roc’a Wrld from Coming From Da West, Aint Dead, Dear God, and Mercenaries. Roc’a Wrld is Currently working on a project with Dj YaBoy Earl who previously worked with Kevin Gates. The Project Titled “Win Before I Start” with three singles already released from the project “1017”, “awards” and “splash” is already doing numbers three up coming Bangers to look out for From Roc’a Wrld. Roc’a Wrld also opened up for Pressa in 2017 after his big hit Canada goose ft Tory Lanez with Live Gang who is also his family on the rise to fame. Roc’a Wrld is definitely the Next artist to look out for from North Side of the map.






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  • 6574727481?profile=RESIZE_710x

    Stay Connected With Marvia Lawrence:
    Snapchat: Venomrecords618
    YouTube: Marvia Lawrence
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  • 6574365290?profile=RESIZE_710x

    1. What is your artist name?
    Zayon Anodomere

    2. How long have you been making music?
    4 years I've been making music.

    3. Is your music on all digital platforms?
    My first 3 years of doing music I released 2 mixtapes on SoundCloud to let people see what I was working with and hear the growth. I then started putting out tracks on mainstream platforms when I started working on my album in 2019.

    4. What style of music do you make?
    I make Hip-Hop and Pop music.

    5. Where can people follow you?
    You can find me on Instagram @Zaysingnotes and on
    SoundCloud, Facebook, and Youtube @Zayon Anodomere.

    6. Who inspires you to make music?
    Ne-Yo is my biggest inspiration when it comes to me writing
    and singing. Rapping I like to mix myself with a little Nate Dogg, Timberland, and Kanye west with a drop of Rick Ross and Chance The Rapper.

    7.What was your first song called?
    My first song I ever made was called bubblegum girl.

    8. Do you have any tips for artists just starting out?
    My advice to artists that are just starting out is to focus on the things that make you happy musically and always remember to impress yourself not others. Test yourself to be better and better no matter what it is your going through because the music will set you free!

    9. Why did you start making music?
    I started making music when I moved to NYC because I was surrounded by people that always complimented me singing when we use to work together. After work we would huddle up and freestyle and I was the only guy singing and freestyling in the group that’s how I discovered I could rap!

    10. What do you wanna accomplish with your career?
    I want to accomplish enough and raise enough money from sales and performances to build my own studio and write and record music for others to go out and get deals. In the process I want to just keep doing my music for me.

    11. Where do you see yourself in a year from now?
    In a year from now I see myself doing more performances and expanding to a bigger crowd.

    Support The Cellphone EP:

    Stay Connected With Zayon Anodomere:
    Facebook @Zayon Anodomere
    Instagram @Zaysingnotes
    Youtube @Zayon Anodomere
    Soundcloud @Zayon Anodomere
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  • My name is Billy Blanco and I am an upcoming artist from the Allerton part of the Bronx. I started rapping in college during 2018 mainly just to pass time and because there was really nothing to do on that boring ass campus. Over time I had met friends on campus that rapped a little more than me and I started taking it seriously and took the time to complete songs to beats I heard on YouTube. I would rap these songs I wrote for my friends while we smoked and they f*cked with it so I kept writing more songs and eventually I started developing so I started recording and I released my first EP project in the Summer of 2019 called “Journey”.

    During the short time I’ve released music, I’ve collaborated with U.R.L legend D.N.A as well as working with Ruff Ryder Records and being signed earlier this year to an independent label named “Virginia is Kool” which is affiliated with Universal Music Group. This summer I plan on dropping my new single “Force” which will be my first release under “Virginia is Kool” and will be avaliable on all streaming platforms as well as having my first visual drop on YouTube for the song. 





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    Minnesota Official Boyz (MOB) is a unique rap group hailing out of St. Paul, MN. Both originally born in Chicago, Members Loud Pacc and Nique Da Great started making music before the age of 9 years old. The struggle of growing up in the inner city and wanting to do their best for their mother is a big thing that has kept their motivation strong for their craft.


    It wasn't until 2012 when they both started taking their craft more seriously. Constantly in the studio and creating music M.O.B started growing into their own sound gaining the respect of their piers in the industry. That is when Minnesota Official Boyz realized they were onto something.


    Growing up, their music influences included many of their family members starting with their grandfather, Leon Davis, Sr. Currently, their musical influences are Boosie, Lil Wayne, Lil Baby Ice Cube and many more.


    Now, M.O.B is focused on getting their content and increasing their fan base on a global scale. Focusing on their new release “Rags To Riches” Minnesota Official Boyz are looking to push even harder with a huge marketing and radio campaign to push it to the charts.

    In Stores: iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Tidal, DMG Music



    FB: minnesotaofficialboyz.mob





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  • Vertical Jones has a hot new single featuring Skyzoo dropping Monday 7/6 titled "Make It Home". Make sure you pre-save it now! This joint is fiah!



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  • REMYDMC Drops New Single "Useful"

    Rising artist REMYDMC is back with more heat! Check out his hit single "Useful" below!



    Instagram: @Remydmc
    Twitter: @Remydmc
    Soundcloud: @Remydmc
    Apple/Spotify: @Remydmc



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  • Enso - “U Aint On” ft. All Evolutionz

    Rising artist Enso links up with All Evolutionz to bring you a hot new single titled "U Aint On”.


    Check out the official video below!


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  • Julian Da Don - "DA ONE"


    "Da One" describes seeing forever in a situation that hasn’t been able to come full circle and tryna get you to see that.  Check out the single now available on all streaming services and online stores.


    Julian Daniels also known Julian Da Don RnB singer from Dallas Tx.  Julian has  been influenced musically since the age of 3, singing Charlie Wilson, Usher, Ginuwine, SWV, Brandy to name a few. Julian been taking his music seriously lately. New single released on 6.26.20 called Da One on all platforms on his own label Hierarchy Music Group. Julian will be releasing more music and building his lane.


    Instagram: @Julian.da.don
    Facebook: Julian.da.don
    Twitter: Juliandadon1
    YouTube: I Am Julian

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    Decatur, Georgia Artist, Change remains in a Lane of His Own on his new single "In My Prime"


    Change aka Chang$ reps Zone 6 in Decatur, Georgia. The recording artist is in top form and looks to conquer even more this year. Having toured the world and seen his life change, he is fueled up and ready to deliver more music to the masses. He urges fans to continue riding with him, and newcomers get familiar with his new single, “In My Prime.”


    Released through Lyt Lyfe Ent., Chang$ shows that it took a lot for him to get this far, and he is ready for the long haul. He also lets us in on his everyday life in the lyrics and is all about bringing good vibes wherever he goes. With tracks like “10-4” still doing well since its 2018 release, and projects like “Off The Top” and “Long Way Home” adding to his buzz, Chang$ looks to play a vital role in the new sound that’s coming out of Georgia. With P. Diddy, Michael Jackson, Cassidy, and Chris Brown as some of his influences, Change is all about making legendary moves in his career, and thinking outside the box.




    Chang$’s “In My Prime” is now available for streaming on all digital streaming platforms. Along with the track, he will be releasing a new single every week leading up to an event in August 2020 where his career will be making new strides with a major deal signing. For future updates and more, connect with Change on social media and digital music platforms.






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  • Qmachette - "Vulnerable"



    10 years of experience, crowds of 20,000+, over 1,000,000 YouTube views,
    and features with some of the biggest names in the game. Southern-bred
    independent artist Q Machette has brought his magnetic lyrical style to forefront of
    the independent music scene with full force.

    Far from the limelight, Q Machette had very humble beginnings growing up
    in Tuskegee, Alabama. Being raised by his mother, and reaching to fill the void of
    an absentee father, Q Machette took to the streets for the love and support he
    yearned for. Looking to drug dealers, killers, and pimps for the fatherly advice the
    he was missing at home, Q Machette learned all he knew from the streets. As the
    story goes, when a young man is raised in the streets he begins to embrace the
    street lifestyle, and so begun his affiliation with the gangs of the streets of

    According To Q Machette he “started rapping on a whim during grade
    school to impress my female classmates.” The teachers were so impressed with his
    lyrical prowess they provided words of encouragement to help nurture his lyrical
    gift, thus saving him from the quintessential ending that the street life promised.
    Beginning his career as one-third of the group Lyrical Machette, Q Machette
    received a tangible introduction to the entertainment business, and ultimately left
    the group to pursue his solo feats. Q Machette signed to the high profile Island
    Boy Entertainment in July 2010, and he took the business by storm. Working with
    the likes of some of Hip-Hop’s most heavy hitters, Gucci Mane, Young Dro, Bobby
    Valentino, Trouble, Kebob Gotti, Cash Out, etc. has opened the door for Q
    Machette to truly become his own star. Armed with an elegant delivery and gritty
    flow the upstart emcee stands above the legion of rappers, experiencing remarkable
    popularity outside of his hometown by relocating to Atlanta and setting the city on

    In addition to his ever-evolving music career Q Machette started a tour
    called “Say Whatever Man to Bullying”. “Say Whatever Man to Bullying” is a
    program set to educate students about the effects of bullying in a real way. Q
    Machette travels from school to school talking to the children, and ending each
    session with a performance. Having always had a special spot in his heart for kids,
    Q Machette uses this campaign as his way of giving back to his community.
    Having opened up for the likes of OutKast, Shorty Lo, 2 Chainz, Trina and
    more Q Machette gained some most deserved notoriety. There is something
    alluring about this independent artist who stands at the threshold of stardom and
    approaches his craft as confidently as an established rhyme vet. Driven,
    irrefutable, and roused, Q Machette is an artist whose lyrics will remain forever
    ingrained in Hip-Hop’s continuous narrative.




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    Some artists are great in one genre while others are incredibly versatile and can incorporate in their music a lot of different influences. Bruce L. is one of those that, thanks to his incredible talent, can create unique and emotional tracks such as powerful and energetic ones. Today, we have the big pleasure to listen to his latest EP “The Basis: Negative”, a great release that shows the maturity of a talent that is ready for a big step forward in his music career!

    Bruce L. is a talented singer and songwriter originally from beautiful Alabama. Gifted with a warm and rich voice, Bruce’s style is unique thanks to a very personal and intense approach. His latest EP “The Basis: Negative” has been anticipated by two great singles, the beautiful “Jean-Grey” and the powerful “Split-^”, a fantastic Hip Hop track feat Charles and Tsunami Slicc.




    Connect with Bruce L.


    YouTube: Bruce L.

    Spotify: Bruce L.

    Apple Music: Bruce L.





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  • Pink Tombs presents "Don't Know Me"


    Powerful, energetic, and unstoppable, these are just a few adjectives you could use to describe Pink Tombs and his music! Today, we have the big pleasure to be listening to his latest single “Don’t Know Me”, a track that will stay in our playlists for a long time! 

    Pink Tombs is a talented artist that thanks to incredible charisma and the energetic approach, has a unique sound that makes him immediately recognizable. This is a characteristic that only big artists have and with his latest track, Tombs showed that music is not just entertainment, it is much more!


    “Don’t Know Me” is not just a song, but it is a manifest against what our society has become. With his raw and direct songwriting, Pink Tombs made the point very clear! Starting from the title, every single word in this song goes straight to the point. Thanks to his powerful vocals, great production, and engaging beat, this track is one of the best releases of 2020 so far. Pink Tombs is an artist that is making the right steps in the right direction, without losing the connection with his music, and without compromises!




    Connect with Pink Tombs


    Official Website:

    YouTube: Pink Tombs

    Twitter: pinktombs69

    Facebook: pinktombs69

    Instagram: pinktombs69



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  • Jawaan Larue - "King County"



    Conscious Mind Records Inc. recording artist Jawaan Larue just dropped a hot new album titled "King County". JaWaan LaRue or “LaRue” is a rising American hip hop recording artist, producer, and songwriter based out of Orlando Florida who has opened for many artists such as Macklemore, Pharoahe Monch, Rhapsody, 9th Wonder, Pete Rock, Warren G, Slum Village and many more.


    Check out his latest work below!

    Spotify -
    Amazon Music -
    YouTube Music -

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  • 6533606054?profile=RESIZE_710x

    EYEMG Records Present "SLIME" by J Quintana and Lucky Jackson.
    Single Available in all stores ! ! !

    Apple Music :
    Google Play :
    Spotify :
    TIDAL :


    Contact email:



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  • SINN - Put Ya Seat Belt On (Single)


    Artist, producer and songwriter SINN announces the release of “Put Ya Seat Belt On” off his forthcoming album titled ‘Know the Name, Know the Difference.”


    The 25-year music veteran famed as “The Ryder King” switches up the game and introduces a new style for fans to embrace.  SINN reminds the world that he’ll do whatever it takes to succeed in life, music, and love. His captivating blend of bars and vocals exudes an infectious and invigorating vibe sure to have music enthusiasts head-nodding through the streets and into the clubs.


    SINN’s deliverance of motivating, and at times edgy lyrics will ring over and over in your ears, so strap up and “put ya seat belt on” to endure this momentous ride.  “I know what it takes I like to drive all gas no brakes, put ya seat belt on my heart’s racin girl you better buckle up it’s a fight, knuckle up.“


    Stream “Put Ya Seat Belt On” on preferred platforms


    Connect with SINN

    Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Web

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  • Chris Cash - "Shark Bait"

    Rising Las Vegas hip hop artist Chris Cash just dropped a hot new video titled "Shark Bait". Check out his latest work below!



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  • Maino Drops New Mixtape - "Who Got Next"




    Maino just dropped a new mixtape titled "Who Got Next". The New York based rapper is doing a series of mixtapes promoted by DaBlock365, 520 Promotions, and Trillest Entertainment featuring the hottest artists all around the world! 
    Check out this hot new mixtape below!



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  • Chris Borelli drops "Crooked Lines"

    Chris Borelli drops "Crooked Lines"



    Chris grew up below the poverty line in Framingham, MA. At the age of 11, he was placed into the custody of social services along with his sister and two brothers. Later adopted at 14 by his long time foster family - the Borelli's, Chris began to interpret his life from an entirely different perspective. With the Borelli's, he discovered his love for music by practicing piano and singing on a regular basis. Supported by a loving adoptive family, Chris decided that music was his calling. 

    For all of his adolescent and teen years, Chris was solely a singer-songwriter. His piano and singing skills were sharp at a young age. He performed original songs, sang in choirs, and participated in local singing competitions.

    It wasn't until he was 18 when Chris discovered his abilities in hip hop. He began writing verses and simultaneously building his production skills as an undergrad at Stonehill College. It was in college where Chris discovered his voice in rap music and crafted his energetic stage presence. His abilities strengthened quickly as he was able to apply his classical knowledge of music into his style of rap. 

    His lyrics are raw and direct. His messages are confidently delivered. His content is pure, honest and relatable.

    Chris has performed on various stages among several different platforms. He's been invited to the Vans Warped Tour in the summer of 2012 - invited back the following year. Performed for college audiences such as UMass, Boston College, Northeastern University and many others. He's opened for T-Pain, Joyner Lucas, Waka Flocka, Andy Grammer, Cobra Starship, George Watsky, Hermitude, TroyBoi and several others. 

    At 27, Chris has acquired a moderate fan base and continues to perform and release various projects. His latest EP, "Guts," is now available on all major streaming platforms. 

    Connect with Chris


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