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  • B. Heims is Here to Stay



    B. Heims is an upcoming rapper from New Orleans, La. Known for his energetic performances and wide range of style, he is on pace to create his very own lane in the rap game and be there for awhile. Since the release of his latest effort “Stick to the Plan” he has dropped two videos staying consistent and stepping up every time.



    Instragram: @BHeims

    Twitter: @B_Heims

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  • 4298456866?profile=RESIZE_710x


    Dr. EnQi, the student of Dr. Sebi, shares his Coronavirus Testimonial. Watch the video and connect with Dr. EnQi on Instagram @drenqi. 

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  • 4298047531?profile=RESIZE_710x4298045999?profile=RESIZE_710x
             Rookie2x has the whole southern region on the edge of their chair anticipating his upcoming album drop. Check out the intro and outro exclusive sneakpeaks below!

    Decipher Tha Lyrics With Rookie2x


    "I've got drunk ni*** punchlines, up tha you ever fuck with mine.

    I lost my mind a long time ago, the days of our lifes.

    Caught em slippin on soap its the opera, tha fat lady singing."





    Follow Rookie2x @:

    Instagram & SoundCloud: @rookie_2x

    Facebook & Twitter: @rookie2x




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  • West Coast Artist, Kushy Carlito releases his latest compilation "Lost Angels"

    From the gritty streets of Los Angeles, by way of Compton, CA, Kushy Carlito, an up and coming artist in entertainment, is primed to take the game by storm. Emerging onto the scene with his kushy flows and witty wordplay, Kushy Carlito delivers an array of records portraying tales of the struggle, shedding light on issues in the community, and giving motivation to others to get that money.


    The street life is survival of the fittest. Every day lived is a blessing in of itself. Kushy Carlito originates from that exact struggle, and as he climbs out of that pit of poverty. He uses his music to take his following along for the ride. 



    Money is the motive as with anything else, and growing up in the hood, the youth seem to go down the same road to gain their riches - selling drugs or hitting house “licks.” Kushy Carlito often found himself caught up and eventually suffering the consequences of his foolish decisions. But with the weight of providing for his two seeds on his back, daily, Kushy Carlito decided to make some changes. 


    With a 9 to 5 grind, he used his hustler's mentality to fuel his real dream- music. Inspired by fellow West Coast artists- Nipsey Hussle and Kendrick Lamar, Kushy began to study the game and develop his flow. He dedicated himself to mastering his craft with one goal in mind, “BE YOUR OWN BOSS”.


    Today we celebrate the release of Kushy’s 5th project to date entitled, "Lost Angels." The 10-track project features hits like “My Pain 2” and “Superbad.” Filled with witty flows and West coast vibes, Kushy is ready to take over the streets and put his name on the map. “Definitely my best work, definitely”, says Kushy. 















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  • Surge el Cheko - "Cheko Towers"

    Connect: @ Surge_el_cheko

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  • Skitso305 - "God Music"

    Rising rap star Skitso305 is back with more heat! Check out his latest releases including the hit single "God Music" below!
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  • Y'man Dog 'Dogma (Dog Eat Dog)' Album


    Y’man Dog, DMV’s seasoned and celebrated artist releases a new album titled ‘Dogma (Dog Eat Dog)’.  The solo 15-track project is said to be his top release to date.


    Y’man Dog shows off his skill set as an emcee and eclecticism as an artist throughout the album’s entirety, which is brimming with street records, anthems, and even something for the ladies.


    The Oxon Hill, Maryland based native engages listeners through impeccable wordplay and aggressive yet truth-based lyricism detailing his life and what’s made him and continues to empower his shine. Y’man Dog pays homage to his hood, depicts personal dog eat dog world survival tactics, and embodies the impact of mental and physical warfare.


    The “Gantsa Humanitarian” also switches up the tempo, anthem style, with a focus on his grind, ability to keep his eyes on the prize, and the brush of wildfires when he shuts the scene down!  If that’s not enough, Y’man Dog reveals a vulnerable side and shares about his lustful desires and yearning to please the right woman.


    Overall, Y’man Dog delivers a diverse selection of records that emulate his growth as both a man and an artist. The production which includes distinct piano keys, hard beats, soulful tones, and a perfect arrangement of classic and modern cadences heightens his lyrical deliverance and raw emotion. One thing is evident, after listening to ‘Dogma’ it’s almost impossible to shake the name “Gangsta Humanitarian.”


    Stream ‘Dogma (Dog Eat Dog)’ on Apple Music and Spotify

    Connect with Y'man Dog on Twitter & the Web

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  • Myke Rook is On The Rise

    Myke Rook is a 20 year old up and coming artist/ Psychology Major (Stony Brook University) from Long Island, NY, that stands by one thing... TRUTH. He believes that his mission on this Earth is to spread PeaceLove and Positivity by expressing himself, whether it be through his music, his hair (positivity/negativity) or his brand TAP 224, which he founded 2/24/2020. Throughout all of his problems in life he turned to God and found peace within Truth. Speaking about his experiences in his music, he wants to share his story and how he overcomes his struggles in his day to day life, so he can leave a positive impact for anyone whose Tapped In.
    Follow: @mykerook on all social media
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  • Jumay - "214"

    Rising Dallas hip hop artist Jumay just dropped a hot new album titled "214". 


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  • 4230446572?profile=RESIZE_710x

    Born & raised in the Queensburg area of
    Laurel, Ms aka Baby LA. King Venom has
    been blazing his own path to becoming a
    great MC. Using his pain as the ether
    binds him to his supporters. His early
    influences were Tupac, Bone Thugs-N-Harmony,
    E-40, Mac Dre, Nas, Outkast, Eminem, T.I.,
    B.G., and Tech N9ne. These MC's were the
    foundation King Venom used to craft his
    own unique style. One that is story-driven,
    introspective, motivational, hyper-lyrical,
    and forever evolving.


    King Venom has been writing, recording, and
    distributing his own music since eight years
    old. In 2005 he started his own recording label
    Theta Boy Ent. Which current roster consists of
    King Venom, RedZone Reaper, Queen S.T.A-R, Kamo-Slimm,
    and Lavi$h Mac. As King Venom traveled across the
    country he released several unofficial mixtapes
    building his support base. He considers his fans
    as supporters because he pours his soul into
    the mic to build them up when they are
    feeling down and alone. While the love
    his supporters show does the same for him.


    In 2009 he began his "Loyalty" mixtape series
    and truly began to craft his own brand of Lyrical
    Southern Hip-Hop. If the saying "The strongest sword
    is forged in the hottest flame..." is true then
    King Venom is Damascus Steel. Out of the darkness
    that has tried to consume King Venom he emerges
    with his 3rd Eye open. King Venom will be releasing
    his new mixtape "Anti-Social Stoner Vol.1: The Lost Tribe"
    and his podcast series "Blunt Talk TV" MARCH 15th 2019!!!
    Let the evolution of lyrical equivalent exchange begin!!! Asé

    Follow On Social Media:

    Instagram: RealKingVenom
    Twitter: kingvenom87
    YouTube : Theta Boy Ent
    FB: Christopher Fowler
    Snap Chat: RealKingVenom

    Booking Contact:

    Theta Boy Ent
    C.E.O./President/Songwriter/Audio Engineer
    Christopher "King Venom" Fowler
    (256) 288-4075
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  • Mbarz is Putting Germany On the Map

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  • Ammon To Drop New Album "Thrown Out" in April

    Rising multi-talented Louisville hip hop artist Ammon is dropping a hot new album titled "Thrown Out" in April with everything exclusively done by Ammon himself. Check out the cover art below and make sure you follow him on IG @beechmontkid to stay up to date with all his releases.
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  • 4213894899?profile=RESIZE_710x

    Trillest Entertainment recording artist J-Dubdmg is back with a hot new video for his hit single "I’m 4rm Pittsburgh". Check out his latest release below! Make sure you keep an eye on J-Dubdmg as he's coming to take over the game in 2020!


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  • 4215984470?profile=RESIZE_710x

    Sassy Savage is a force to be reckoned with. The woman
    behind the moniker "Sassy Savage" was born Domonique
    Lashae Smith on January 2nd 1988, in Jackson, Mississippi.
    She is the daughter of Brenda Bass and Michelangelo Smith.
    She came from a musically inclined family--both her
    parents & grandfather were artists, which would later
    influence her rhyming style and life philosophy.


    Her first published work came when she was in the
    third grade at Seminole Elementary of Florida, while
    living with a relative. Sassy soon realized she she had
    a special skill-set when it came to writing, and quickly
    began to write rhymes for numerous other
    artists, including her father.


    Recording artist Sassy Savage aims to be one of
    the most influential rap artists of her time. She
    made her break into the hip-hop culture with her
    2019 single entitled “Berserk”.

    Soon after, she found herself making waves in the
    hip-hop music scene. The Mississippi native has
    continued to rise capturing the attention of
    numerous fans around the globe. Her cadence,
    unique sound, & personality are among the slew
    of reasons as to why she is becoming a popular
    artist within the hip hop & rap culture.

    In 2019, independent artist, Sassy Savage,
    joined forces with DJ Team Broke 100,
    Andre Lenoir, of Behind The City Lines
    who announced a joint distribution deal
    with That Rabbit/Sony Orchard leading to
    her rise to stardom. Sassy’s success has
    begun to catapult, but she remains humble
    in her willingness to stay true to her
    creativity, truth, & simply the essence
    of who she is as an artist.

    Booking Contact:

    Domonique Smith

    Follow On Social Media:
    IG: 1SassySavage
    Facebook: Domos Delicious Topics
    YouTube: Sassy Savage

    Digital Platforms:
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    By giving a sincere warning, nothing can be misunderstood. Covert Joy’s debut single “Warning You” is the modern-day bad boy anthem with a message that says: “If you want to be with me, you’ve got to understand you’re not the only one.” Covert sings with a zealous playfulness that signals a straight-forward announcement of where he stands when it comes to relationships. The lyrics illustrate the situation of an open-hearted player who is just having fun with a sharing is caring mentality. The release date of “Warning You” is March 27th.

    Boston, Massachusetts native, Covert Joy, is an exciting new emerging talent to the music scene. Being surrounded by music in the home during his early years, it’s no surprise that this would be the career path and calling Covert fell into. As a child, his parents would consistently play the most popular songs from their era which eventually drew Covert Joy to fall in love with the harmonies. Once he started voice lessons in high school, it was clear that his passion and calling would be to pursue music full time. Perfecting his craft over time, the young artist’s music can best be described as pop music with a Venn diagram into other genres such as soul, rock, and funk with a modern flair and twist.

    With a work ethic like no other and natural talent, Covert Joy will continue to carve a path in the music scene and touch many with his sound. Covert Joy is making his mark in this pop-millennial era of music with his current visual release for “Warning You.” Covert Joy is an artist on the rise.



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  • 4206408819?profile=RESIZE_710x

    Jay Electronica vs Dr. EnQi vs Jay-Z, as stated/reviewed by Raamel Walcott


    Let's dive right in head-first, this will be a song for song comparison of A Written Testimony vs Sound Becomes Light. The Overwhelming Event vs Magnetism. Magnetism is a super authentic fan forward view of Dr. EnQi discussing Fancy Black Pesos. This gives us an amazingly detailed picture of Dr. EnQi that we never met in the conscious community. The Overwhelming Event fails to stand up to Magnetism simply because it says nothing about Jay Electronica, although Farrakhan is a powerful speaker and the music is amazing it's not as powerful of an introduction as we expected based on the wait. The intro should have addressed the wait.


    Ghost of Soulja Slim vs Nature vs Nurture! It starts with more Farrakhan & Jay-Z moving into Jay Elect with a bar stating "If it come from me and HOV consider it Koran"... This is, unfortunately, more of an eclectic Jay-Z song feat Jay Elect than anything else honestly, so I must deduct points from an otherwise amazing song musically and lyrically. Nature vs Nurture is an amazing entendre filled description of Dr. EnQi's life perspective of the world and how it came to be, it’s pure art! His voice and the spacing on this track from Kaz are something from another universe.


    The Blinding vs Yayo! This JZ feature feels like an actual feature and Jay Elect shines on this track answering some of our questions regarding the long wait and who he has become. The music is awesome and would have allowed for a sorely needed extra verse to go more in-depth, still awesome! Yayo is an immaculately told compelling story of Dr. EnQi's childhood. Jay Elect may be incapable of reaching this level of introspective storytelling that evokes Synesthesia in all who hear it like a jolt to the pineal gland.


    The Neverending Story vs Power…very powerful! The sonic geometry of the bass on this song produced by Work Major is pure Hip-Hop, almost like the cement of the Bronx. I just feel a level of authenticity that you get from all the name dropping and coat tail riding on A Written Testimony. The world play on Power might even be above Jay-Z's level, this is an instant top 10 of an all-time song lyrically. The Neverending Story is loaded with amazing power, but over-shadowed by one of the best Jay-Z verses ever, unfortunately for Jay Elect. Great song but we can't overlook the fact that he is getting bodied on his own track in a very blatant fashion.


    Shiny Suit Theory vs the Basquiat! Finally, a completely masterful Jay Elect song complete with music that compliments his outer worldly God flow. Not even JZ takes away from the synergy of this beat with Jay Elect's voice and delivery, the samples make this an instant favorite for Jay Elect fans worldwide. Dr. EnQi's voice, lyrics, delivery, and expertise on said subject matter catapult him into possibly the top 3 all-time or the Mt. Rushmore of lyricists. After listening to this song alone he at least qualifies for the top 5, worst-case scenario due to his effortless double, triple and quadruple entendre schemes! Easily the best verse in the last 10 years hands down. RKITECH really laid out the blueprint on this track!


    Universal Soldier vs Seed Money… Seed Money produced by Spectrum Gamma Rayz aka Spectrum Gamz is insane, you literally feel the streets of Motown and Detroit alive with blood of the many prophets of music and black leadership in this artistic dramatization of drugs, money & private prisons. This is lyrical mastery on a first album like we have never witnessed before! Lyrically the Universal Soldier may be the best song on the album with Jay Elect laying out some of what he has been through, combined with a trip through memory lane from the God MC J-Hova, no words can express the feelings from this song! This may go on repeat in many playlists.


    Flux Capacitor vs Sound Becomes Light, sadly, Jay Elect’s verse does not fit well on this track, however sonically, the bars are standard ‘God flow’, combined with Jay and the production for classic ear candy. Sound Becomes Light as a song is monumental and should earn Dr. EnQi a GRAMMY. He literally broke down post-grad level electromagnetism and the music business in one song in a way no artist or orator has ever been able to do with music or in lecture format. This is another song that takes this man who had a 9 year single out in Angel into a class by himself.


    Fruits of the Spirit vs Faith in Love. This comparison may seem odd but what I hear in both songs are two intelligent black fathers trying to be the best dads they can be and in that space, I will just say these two songs should be spinning on all P-1 stations twice a show.


    Ezekiel's Wheel vs Angel, these two songs are matched head to head based on the subject matter and the deeply melodic accouterment that accompanies the heavy lyrics and deep voices of these two artists, who dropped similar albums at almost the same time. I will give Jay Elect the edge on this one in terms of lyrics and word-play however the subject matter goes to Dr. EnQi all day. Dr. EnQi again condenses the complex and creates an adult conversation that gives his entire album so much replay value.


    A.P.I.D.T.A. vs More than M.E./M.E. & Eu. You may say it's not fair to compare 1 song to 2 songs but honestly, there’s just so much more on Sound Becomes Light than A Written Testimony. We waited a decade for just 10 songs with no real dressing, personality or skits. Musically I have to say Silent Riot Dell was masterful on the M.E. & Eu track which transports the listener to a pleasure-centric planet in a similar vein to A.P.I.D.T.A. however, lyrically More than M.E. is an anthem for single fathers across the globe, no contest.


    Sound Becomes Light is easily better than A Written Testimony and supplies 1000 times more replay value than any album we have gotten in recent history. Sound Becomes Light is 15 songs and 6 skits deep but the crazy thing is even the skits are well produced with amazingly Mastered Tracks.

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  • Milky Silky - "Deal or No Deal"

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  • Corey Lamar - "Side Show Loudpaccquiao EP"


    Columbus Ohio Stonerz League Records independent artist Corey Lamar AkA Loudpac is back with more heat. Check out his latest EP below as well as his video "Always Workin"


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  • CallMeRZN - "Hiiigh School"

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