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  • Jerry Heller questions why the murders of Tupac Shakur and The Notorious B.I.G. have yet to be solved.

    With the recent release of the N.W.A biopic Straight Outta ComptonStraight , it appears that a rumor about Suge Knight allegedly orchestrating Eazy-E’s death is again gaining fuel.

    Former N.W.A manager Jerry Heller, who previously stated that Eazy-E should have killed Suge, was asked about the possibility that the former Death Row Records CEO had Eazy-E injected with AIDS, during a newly-released interview with the Murder Master Music Show.

    He questioned why the F.B.I. hasn’t begun an investigation, given the YouTube video of Suge speaking on injecting someone with AIDS being the “new thing.”

    “I can’t believe that the F.B.I. or somebody—I mean that show is all over YouTube,” Jerry Heller said. “He said ‘Ya kill ‘em. You inject ‘em. Eazy-E style.’ I mean, come on. Do they not care when an African American kills another African American? Do they not care? I don’t know, man. I mean, why haven’t they solved Biggie’s murder? Why haven’t they solved Tupac’s murder? If Eazy was murdered, if he was injected, why haven’t they solved it? You can’t tell me that people who can track down Osama bin Laden and kill him in Pakistan can’t find out who killed Biggie on Wilshire Boulevard coming out the fuckin’ Petersen Museum with fuckin’ cops there. Makes no sense.”

    Video footage of Suge on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" in 2003, which resurfaced this month, shows the former music exec poking fun of Eazy-E’s death. At one point, he stated “They got this new thing out…They get blood from somebody with AIDS and then they shoot you with it. That’s a slow death. An Eazy-E thing.”

    Additionally, the son of Eazy-E, Yung Eazy, recently informed his followers on Instagram that his father was murdered.

    “I've been known my pops was killed.” Yung Eazy said in an Instagram post, which was uploaded this month. "His death never added up 2 what ppl have always said maybe they think we're idiots blind to the truth idk....but 4 u new fans, youngsters & ppl who just don't know much.”

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  • Travis Scott - Antidote

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  • Horseshoe Gang also explain why rappers overwhelmingly respond when they're called out.

    Beef in Hip Hop has changed over time and has gained a lot of attention while also garnering many critics.

    Recently sitting down with HipHopDX's Features Editor Andre Grant, Long Beach quartet Horseshoe Gang spoke about how beef is changed and who they believe is "soft."

    "Hip Hop got soft and nobody want to say that it's soft for a few years now,"Andrew Dinero" said via a segment of today's (August 17) DX Daily. "The people that's stepping up are still kind of still soft. Can we slander people? Fetty Wap is horrible. Now wait a minute, I don't know if y'all rock with him. I apologize. What I'm saying is that he's soft though."

    The group also explained why they believe rappers take shots at their ability so personally.

    "Hip Hop is a very competitive sport so anybody who says anything about your work ethic or your skill level that you have and if it's not a compliment you're going to want to get on your shit definitely," Demetrius Capone relayed. "I haven't heard that about this past year's music but I think that could be true."

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  • “Staight Outta Compton” grossed approximately $60 million its first weekend in theaters.

    FX Networks has purchased the exclusive U.S. commercial television premiere rights to Straight Outta Compton, according to The Wrap.

    The film, which chronicles N.W.A’s rise to prominence in the late 1980s, opened as the #1 film in the country and a $60.2 million box office haul.

    FX Networks includes FX, FXX, FXM and the VOD platform FXNOW.

    The company has also secured  exclusive U.S. commercial television premiere rights to Furious 7, Jurassic World, Minions and Mission Impossible – Rogue Nation.

    Having seen the movie being produced and being able to watch the finishing product on screen, DJ Yella said during an interview with VladTV that he's impressed. "It's huge, you know," he says. "It looks grand.”

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  • Puff Daddy Clowns 50 Cent & Effen Vodka

    The Bad Boy boss was given a case of Effen vodka by 50 Cent.

    Puff Daddy appeared on Power 105.1's "The Breakfast Club" to talk about the music he is working on. In the middle of his response to a question about "Finna Get Loose" as not a "typical Bad Boy Rap record," someone takes down a bottle of Effen vodka sitting on a window behind Diddy. The Bad Boy boss owns a stake in Ciroc vodka, a competitor of Effen.

    Radio host Angela Yee explains that 50 Cent sent Diddy a case of Effen vodka. Charlamagne Tha God pulls out a piece of paper that says, "Let's be friends - Curtis Jackson." Curtis Jackson is 50 Cent's given name.

    "I welcome him into the game," Diddy says. "It's good to see somebody of my color out there representing in this field. Hopefully he appreciates me opening up the doors for him continuously."

    For 50 Cent's birthday, Diddy sent the G-Unit rapper a lifetime supply of Ciroc. The radio hosts ask Puff Daddy how he feels receiving only a case.

    "I appreciate his gesture," the rapper says. "When you're first starting out in these little companies, they don't really have a lot of supply. So that's with homeboy's vodka, sometimes maybe you can only send a case."

    Last month, Drake sent Charlamagne six bottles of champagne with a note saying, "Let's be friends - Aubrey Graham" after the host named Funkmaster Flex the "Donkey of the Day" for not delivering Meek Mill's promised Drake diss track.

    On his second Meek Mill diss track released last month, Drake raps, "You gonna make me buy bottles for Charlamagne."

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  • A$AP Rocky Sued Over A$AP Ferg Show

    A$AP Mob member Young Shabba crushed a fan while stage diving.

    A$AP Rocky is being sued for $75,000 by a fan who broke a vertebra at an A$AP Ferg concert, TMZ  reports.

    Krystina Clowes was in the audience at a 2013 A$AP Ferg show when A$AP Mob member Young Shabba landed on her while stage diving. She says she might not ever fully recover from her injury.

    Despite not being involved in the incident, Clowes says that the whole Mob is responsible for her injury because of the members' tendencies to stage dive. She is targeting A$AP Rocky because he has the most money of the group, according to TMZ.

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  • The PinkPrint Tour grabs more headlines when a fan is maced after assaulting security.

    Nicki Minaj's PinkPrint Tour has seen it's fair share of memorable moments. It has been ground zero for Meek Mill's antics with Drake and now controversy has risen from the audience.

    During her tour stop in San Francisco, the Queens-based rapper was performing when a fight broke out in the audience at Concord Pavilion and a fan was maced. According to video posted by Nicki Reigns Nicki Reign, after seeing that was going on Minaj stopped the show and asked for what was going on to cease. She then asked the person who was maced to join her on stage after making sure water was secured for their wounds.

    "This girl that just got sprayed with mace in her face," she said. "Come here. Bring her over here. Come here, come here, quick." It is still unclear why the person was maced or why fighting broke out. According to Music Times, it was the facility's security who sprayed the mace. TMZ is reporting that a 22-year-old man was arrested after assaulting security. Nicki Minaj would later take to Instagram to call the incident and some of the fans "TurnT."

    "Sold out show in the Bay Area last night ❤️. They were more than turnT... Let's just say that. Lol. Can't wait to see u guys again." The PinkPrint Tour is now headed to Canada and will play Vancouver tonight (August 16), Calgary Tuesday and Edmonton Wednesday.

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  • Sheek Louch - Survival Of The Gorillas

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  • “I have the potential to be bigger than Tip or if not, just as big,” Spodee says.

    Spodee recently spoke with DJ Smallz to address why he left T.I.’s Grand Hustle Records imprint after six years of being with the label.

    During the conversation, the Atlanta, Georgia rapper revealed that he “outgrew the situation,” and although he insists that there is no animosity with T.I., he feels that if he were given the proper management, he could be as big as his former label boss.

    “Me and Tip, we still cool,” Spodee says. “I talk to him a few times. I saw him a few times but it was just time to go, man. I outgrew the situation, man… A man told me something one time he said, ‘You guys are brushes in my masterpiece.’ And I thought to myself, ‘Me? Big old me? All the knowledge and energy that I have [and] I’m a stroke in your masterpiece?’ Well that’s cool, I have no problem being a pawn when it’s necessary or when I should be a pawn. To be a chief, you have to be a good Indian. But I saw no way to be a chief over there. And I'm definitely too grown, too big and too talented to be an Indian right now, or to be pawn right now. With that in my mind, I just decided to create my own masterpiece.

    “Everybody know I was a loyal guy with Grand Hustle and Tip,” Spodee continues. “And, you know, it’s no bad blood. I’m not mad at Tip or anything like that but I have the potential to be bigger than Tip or if not, just as big. So it was time, man. I outgrew that. [I was with Grand Hustle] for too long. Six years.”

    In response, T.I took to Instagram to share a photo of DG Yola and Yung L.A.,  two former Grand Hustle artists to whom he references in the photo’s caption.

    “As we all go about our business&pleasure on this fine day today,allow me to remind u of two former young hopeful Grand Hustlers who thought goin against da GLORY&GOOD GRACES of da fam might be more beneficial to their campaign....,” T.I. wrote. “Now while u may not know,care or remember anything of their antics,I MUST remind you.... It's room for 1more pic up there. @superspodee#FuckUMean #KeepMYnameOutyoMouf#OuttaRespectOfYaCuzzo I'll just leave it at that. #HustleGangOverErrrthang#BankRollMafia#NOLOVEFORDAOTHERSIDE”

    In response to the aforementioned post, Spodee uploaded a video to the social networking site questioning T.I.’s comments.

    “Hey, man, nigga can’t be mad ‘cause I told the muthafucking truth, man,” Spodee says during the short clip. "Nigga can’t be mad ‘cause I said I got the potential to be better than him, man. What kind of nigga don’t wanna see a nigga up? What kind of nigga don’t wanna see a nigga do good? And if you had any sense, when your artist do good, that mean you do good.”

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  • 300 Entertainment owner Lyor Cohen explains Fetty Wap's album process.

    Fetty Wap says that his debut album will be released on September 25, the Associated Press reports.

    The New Jersey singer-rapper says that the project, which has yet to have a title, has been finished for about two months.

    "I'm just waiting for it to get mixed and mastered," he says.

    Fetty Wap is signed to 300 Enterainment which is owned by Lyor Cohen and also has Young Thug and Migos on its roster. Cohen has been influential in the careers of Jay Z, Ja Rule and Ludacris. He explains the reason for the delay in releasing an album after the release of the single "Trap Queen," which peaked at #2 on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart in May. Since then, Wap has released two more singles, "My Way" and "679."

    "Our industry is lacking on a wholesale level of artist development," Cohen says, "and we feel that [Wap is] just so brilliant and has developed this new style, new sound."

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  • Ice Cube and DJ Yella explain how N.W.A. and "Straight Outta Compton" parallel what is happening in regards to today's issues with police brutality.

    On the heels of N.W.A.'s  forthcoming biopic release the rap quintet (minus Eazy-E) have been doing a lot of press for Straight Outta Compton and a lot of that has drawn parallels between today's cases of police shootings of unarmed black men and those of when they began rapping.

    Sitting down with HipHopDX Features Editor Andre Grant, Ice Cube and DJ Yella talked about the difference in how police brutality is handled today as opposed to when they were coming up. They say they believe that if a few police officers are convicted and subsequently given large prison sentences for killing African American individuals, things might change on how policing happens in America.

    "The same thing is going on [after] 25 years, [it's] just a little larger and looks a little larger," Yella said via a segment of today's (August 13) DX Daily. "It's not in the ghetto all the time, it's in the suburbs, all over. N.W.A., we would've probably made a couple of songs about it or something like that but you know but the problem is, the solution's got to be fixed. That's the problem. The cops are getting away with it, walking away. If they stretch a couple of these guys–life, no parole. That would send a little shockwave there and they be watching themselves."

    Ice Cube also gave his take and says that while the group didn't necessarily participate in protest, their music provided them a platform to let everyone know what was happening in their community.

    "It's a thing where this movie is so relevant. N.W.A. was so relevant," he said. "N.W.A. was a group that was about honesty and truth. We wasn't necessarily about protest. We were more like [speaking] about a lot of different things that were going on. You don't want to confuse N.W.A. with Public Enemy but we did speak honestly about what we saw and what was wrong in our community and what was going on in our community."

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  • Court documents were filed yesterday (August 10) in the lawsuit over the rights to the sample in Jay Z's song "Big Pimpin'." In the documents, both Jay Z and Timbaland are scheduled to testify in the case, which goes to trials October 13, Billboards reports. Timbaland produced the song.

    Osama Ahmed Fahmy filed the lawsuit in 2007 against Jay Z, Timbaland and outlets who used the song for promotional purposes. Fahmy is the nephew of Baligh Hamdy, who composed "Khosara, Khosara," which was identified as the track sampled in "Big Pimpin'."

    When the song was released in 1999 on Jay Z's Vol. 3 ... Life and Times of S. Carter, Timbaland paid $100,000 to clear the sample with EMI Music, who said it owned the rights to the song via a deal with an Egyptian company in conjunction with an agreement from Hamdy's family.

    Fahmy says that because the artists did not get the consent from the author of the original song through his family according to Egyptian law, any use of the song would be unauthorized.

    "The evidence will also show that the defendants did not obtain the consent of the author or his heirs to introduce modifications in or additions to 'Khosara Khosara,'" the plaintiff statement reads. "Therefore, any license to economically exploit 'Khosara Khosara' in 'Big Pimpin'' would be null and void."

    Jay Z, Timbaland and the defendants state that the use of cultural customs does not apply to United States law and that they used the sample legally.

    "Throughout the course of this litigation, Plaintiff has consistently tried to make this a case about so-called 'moral rights,'" the statement reads, "complaining for example that under Egyptian law, authors and their heirs can always refuse to permit use of a composition in manners deemed to be 'objectionable,' regardless of whether they previously gave up all of their economic rights in connection therewith. This Court, however, already has properly determined that moral rights have no application in the United States, and cannot support Plaintiff’s copyright infringement claims."

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  • ride-along-2-poster

    The promotional poster for Ride Along 2 has been released on the film's Facebook page.

    The movie, starring Ice Cube and Kevin Hart, is slated for a January 15, 2016 release. The Ride Along 2 trailer is set to be released Thursday (August 13).

    The poster bills it as “The Brothers-In-Law” are back. In Ride Along 2, Ice Cube reprises his role as police officer James Payton, while Kevin Hart returns as the hapless Ben Barber.

    Released in January 2014, Ride Along earned $47.8 million during the four-day Martin Luther King Day holiday weekend, making it the biggest opening during the holiday weekend in film history.

    Ice Cube also produced Straight Outta Compton, the biopic due in theaters Friday (August 14) that focuses on the career of N.W.A, the group in which he was a member when he rose to national prominence. 

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  • Fetty Wap - 679 Ft. Montana Buckz

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  • Keith Ape - 잊지마 (It G Ma)

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  • Styles P - True Ghost

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  • Lloyd Banks - How Many MC's (Freestyle)

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  • Tony Yayo - Mad Izm

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